LinkedIn Ads may not be every brand’s first social media marketing priority, but it remains a great advertising social platform, after all! While brands are drawn more to Google Ads and Facebook Ads for pay-per-click campaigns for their larger audience and mass appeal, LinkedIn Ads has unique benefits that can help certain brands reach their business goals. LinkedIn encourages businesses and brands to target a unique audience of active professionals based on their function, industry, job title and more. It enables them to create effective and easy ad campaigns to reach different goals like generating leads, raising brand awareness or advertising certain marketing events, for example.

Like most pay-per-click advertising tools, LinkedIn ads allow you to control your costs and spend budget and choose from flexible pricing options to boost your content on the channel. This full guide will help you understand the value of advertising on LinkedIn while also exploring the different types of ads available on the platform and how to get started with it!



Why Advertise through LinkedIn Ads?


The platform is a great place to promote company updates to targeted audiences of professionals or businesses to generate leads and drive awareness. Since it’s the world’s most viewed professional news feed, LinkedIn ads will help you reach a powerful and unique audience that cannot be found on any other typical social platform. The platform’s members are known for being influential and for having two times more buying power than the average internet crowd.

The advertising platform, Campaign Manager, also witnessed a recent revamp with new tools that every marketer can take advantage of. It now offers sharper targeting options and became more of an objective-based campaign builder, meaning campaigns can be around specifically defined goals like brand awareness or engagement or lead generation, for example.

LinkedIn Ad Types

There are different ad types and ad formats available for businesses advertising on LinkedIn, in addition to the great flexibility that the platform offers. While you can deliver ads to targeted audiences on their newsfeed, LinkedIn also gives you the ability to engage your prospects via LinkedIn Messaging and maintain professional conversations on the platform. You can even expand your campaign reach with personalized ads and activate customized ads based on LinkedIn profile data to boost conversion rates. You can also choose from these two pricing options: Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Mille (CPM) pricing. Mille is a marketing term that indicates the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions. Both types guarantee that you don’t pay unless your message is delivered. The efficiency of delivering your message will depend greatly on your strategy and on how accurate your targeting is and the relevance of your content. Here are some of the different targeted self-service ad formats on LinkedIn.



Sponsored Content

Sponsored content ads are primarily promoted posts on LinkedIn, which have three different formats: video, carousel or a single image. Another type of sponsored content is direct sponsored content, these ads are not published on your LinkedIn’s page feed as organic content, yet still appear to users as a regular promoted LinkedIn post. This helps you tailor your ads to different targeted audiences and test content variations for the same ad without cluttering your page feed. 

Sponsored LinkedIn InMail

This format will enable you to send targeted messages to members through their inboxes. As per LinkedIn, this ad format proved to be more successful at driving conversions than traditional emails. 


Text Ads and Dynamic Ads

Text ads are placed in the top banner and right rail on the desktop and include a short headline, a small square image and a brief description. Text ads are measured by pay-per-click or cost-per-impression pricing systems. As for dynamic ads, they also appear in the right rail but can uniquely target LinkedIn members with their own profile pictures and also address them personally using their name. However, creating a dynamic content ad will require the help of a LinkedIn representative.

LinkedIn Audience Network and Advertising Partner Solutions

LinkedIn Audience Network is a feature that helps advertisers target their sought audience with sponsored content on thousands of LinkedIn partner apps or websites. You can use this feature when creating an ad campaign and ensure that your ad appears in more places outside of the platform. LinkedIn Advertising Partner Solutions, on the other hand, is your go-to if self-service ads are not working as expected for you. It will match your business or partner it with a company that has the needed expertise to help you achieve your marketing objectives and enhance your campaigns’ performance.


How to Start Advertising on LinkedIn: LinkedIn Campaigns


To start advertising on LinkedIn, you will need to set up a company page first, if you don’t already have one. And then sign in to Campaign Manager and create a campaign with a name that includes some of these details: business line/product, campaign type, title, region or location and date indicating the campaign’s timeframe. From there, you will now have to choose your ad objective and set your targeting parameters depending on the audience you’re trying to target. Then, you need to select an ad format and enter your Company or Showcase Page to proceed. If LinkedIn Audience Network is an available option for your campaign, you can consider enabling the feature.

Now you will need to set your budget and specify the campaign schedule; there are two ways to do that. The first is to choose a total budget or to set both a daily budget and a total budget. Next, you can choose automated bid or between the two available bid types; cost-per-clicks and cost-per-impressions. This depends mainly on your campaign goals and what you’re looking to achieve through your ad campaign. When creating a sponsored InMail campaign, the bid type will be cost-per-send. You can also create a conversion and install a site-wide Insight Tag to track actions that people take on your website after being directed to it by a LinkedIn ad. 

Once you’re done with all these details, you will be able to preview what the ad will look like and even send yourself a LinkedIn InMail test message to make sure the ad is all set to go live. When you launch the campaign, it will take around 24 hours for LinkedIn to review it and ensure that you’re following the platform’s guidelines and standard. You can then check its performance as it’s running and make informed adjustments when needed.

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