You are here because you are looking for a leading SEO agency in Dubai to improve your website rankings and visibility in Google! Bruce Clay is the top SEO agency in Dubai, and have been optimising websites since 1996, which is even before Google was a website. 

Our dedicated search marketing experts in Dubai have been able to implement successful SEO strategies and tactics to assist many websites, e-commerce sites and businesses for better ranking in Google’s search pages.

Over the years, Bruce Clay has grown globally, thanks to the cutting-edge SEO services that we have been able to offer to a wide array of clients across the world. We support a multitude of clients in various languages with customized SEO services suitable for their business. We must be doing something right based on reviews from Google Business Reviews.



When you partner with us, you are collaborating with one of the best SEO companies in Dubai, and the very first thing that we begin with is a brand immersion day. We believe that we can market and optimise your site, only if we truly understand your products, solutions or services. Your strategy is dependent on what we understand of your business and your end objectives; hence, it is important that we are on the same page from the start. Obviously no one can tell us about your business as well as yourself!


Strategy is key to your search marketing success. When we know everything there is to know about your brand, we will move on to analysing your website. SEO starts with a comprehensive website audit and crawl

Once we have gathered and analysed all the data at hand, we produce two documents, your SEO strategy, and a quick hits document.

The quick hits document highlights quick wins for your site, which you should be able to implement, whilst we work on other detailed recommendations for your site. 

The SEO strategy document highlights key considerations to our direction, the objectives behind what we are doing, keywords that we will target, content that we will create and finally, the KPIs that we will be looking to hit. We work on mutually agreed KPIs and these are developed with you, so as to help achieve maximum ROI. 


Bruce Clay in Dubai has a comprehensive set of online tools that are used for competitor research. Want to rank for a particular keyword? Well, firstly, you need to know what and who are you up against through extensive keyword research! We analyse multiple competitor pages through our tools and manual checks to ensure that you are aware of what it will take to get further up on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another pretty cool way to overtake competitors is by building backlinks to your site from websites that link into your competitors but return 404 errors. Post relevant content and request the link – pretty cool, isn’t it?

Even though the above is something we are able to do using our expertise in the world of digital marketing, our major ongoing focus is always on creating content that is beneficial to your site, and tweaking and updating existing content to meet different objectives such as improve branding, marketing and web page ranking through intensive rank tracking.


On page optimisation is extremely important, mainly because it helps you to build your expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T). Your site needs to have content that is closely themed and siloed, which will ensure that search engines deem you to be an authority with respect to what you are talking about.

Another aspect to be considered as part of on page optimisation is user interface and experience design. We need to make sure that your users have a good experience on your site, which will in turn help achieve better traffic to your site. 

Also consider that pages on your site need to be linked properly, and with relevance. Finally, consider if the link is navigational or transactional – don’t overkill your linking!

The above is quite a lot to take care of, especially if you are not used to working in this manner. Most people believe that you just need to create content and throw it on your site; thereafter, the clicks will come. However, search engines are much smarter in this day and age. If your content does not offer real value or have true expertise, you will never be able to build authority.

Everything that we do in terms of content and on-site optimisation is for E-A-T, and this is what usually differentiates us from the rest of the SEO companies in Dubai or the MENA region. In fact, this is what distinguishes us from most companies globally as well.


One of the most common questions we often get asked is “How many backlinks will we get?” Well, SEO has moved on – you don’t need to build backlinks to gain success, you need to be user centric in order to obtain organic success. 

SEO has changed, search engines are much smarter today, and your website ranking can no longer be influenced by the sheer volume of backlinks you have. We have conducted some pretty cool research, which shows that after getting rid of 1000’s of toxic backlinks and sorting out anchor texts, your ranking can actually improve. Again, it may not be true for all; but we would say, never trust an agency that says they will build you backlinks in bulk or buy backlinks for you! It is not the right way to go about gaining search marketing success. 

Your back-link profile should be natural – your content should command authority and your site should gain organic backlinks, which ultimately will help to build trust over a period of time! Remember, spammy backlinks or inorganic activity will easily get picked up by search engines – so beware of that! Link building for SEO is important and should be natural. 



Often underrated, but technical SEO is probably the most important elements of your project – site infrastructure and technical make up!

What is the point in hosting great content and building an awesome offsite strategy when search engines can’t get to your site or recognise it? Here is where technical SEO comes in handy!

When we initially audit your site, we pick up and share technical website fixes that need to be made. These fixes are usually complex and thorough, so it is important that you are open to the idea of making changes to your site. Changes can be code level or UX, but have the ultimate aim of helping your SEO efforts.

A small example of this would be optimising your time to first byte (TTFB) which is different from your site speed! Most SEO agencies will come and tell you that your site is “slow”, when in reality, it may just be your initial packet that is taking time to deliver from the server. This is the level of knowledge you require, and the level that Bruce Clay MENA provides!



By choosing us as your SEO agency, you are choosing a partner that has an in-house team of proficient content creators including designers, photographers, videographers and copywriters that are search marketing experts, who work to create compelling content that ultimately ends up driving more traffic to your site. Your content needs to be of top quality, relevance and most importantly, trustworthiness.

Content is very important for your strategy and success. The right content will assist in getting visibility for your website in organic search engine results. Our work on your website content should help you to increase organic traffic to your site.

The content that we create is tailored to your needs and is based on gaps that we have identified or opportunities that we feel you should explore.

Your initial strategy will outline what we propose in terms of content. These recommendations are based on the audit that we will conduct for your site by comparison to your competition.

Since content is an integral part of any strategy; our retainer and pricing model is always inclusive of content, so you know exactly what you are getting into and there are no surprises along the way!

We pride ourselves on the work we have done so far for all our partners. They are enjoying better ranking and improved search visibility due to their strong and consistent faith in Bruce Clay. 


The SEOToolSet™ is a proprietary set of tools developed by Bruce Clay globally. All clients that we partner with for their organic search marketing efforts, stand to benefit from our toolset.

With the SEOToolSet™, we are able to look at all aspects of your site, including internal links, content, competitor content, backlink profile, keyword analysis and much more.

The SEOToolSet™ is proprietary and only available through Bruce Clay; hence, you get access to industry-leading knowledge and tools in one agreement. This is what sets Bruce Clay apart from competitors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our founder, Bruce Clay, is known as the 'father of SEO' and we've been helping websites rank in search engines since 1996. Bruce Clay MENA has a dedicated SEO department with experienced professionals who are always on top of the latest SEO trends - making sure all knowledge and relevant updates are shared with our clients and team members. Our SEO team works together with our in-house development team, making sure that we keep your website's health at the forefront of our strategies.

Search engines are getting smarter day-by-day with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, they can understand user intent. With semantic search being the focus, guidelines suggest that content be written for the user rather than a search engine. However, data from keyword research within your target region can be extremely insightful regarding consumer search habits and can have significant implications for your website traffic.

Depending on your industry competition and the authoritativeness of your website it can take from 3 months all the way to 6 months. The less competitive and niche your industry, and the higher your domain authority, the earlier you'll be able to see results. Our SEO strategies will enable your websites to see growth in organic traffic and conversions after 4-6 months. However, SEO is never 'done' and is an ongoing process that should be maintained to see sustained growth and long term success.

Backlinks are very important for your website as they are a representation of the authority you have in a particular subject. Sometimes you can even be targeted with 'negative' backlinks that have a negative impact on the health of your website. It is important to have your SEO agency audit your backlink profile and make sure that Google's guidelines are followed, as failure to do so will result in severe penalties that can impact your organic visibility.

Google is the world's biggest search engine and usually the first place to go to when people require some information, a new product or service. As SEO professionals, it is our job to put you on the frontlines of search engines. Our SEO strategies aim to position you as high as possible on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). In addition to helping you rank, we also create high-quality informational content to support key pages on your website. This will enable you to target users at higher levels of the funnel and drive them towards making a final purchase decision.

As with everything, it depends. The amount quoted is based on the size of your website, the amount of technical issues that need to be resolved, and its content needs. This said, we offer a range of bespoke packages and can cater to most business sizes. Just get in touch with us to discover how we can best support you.

No one can guarantee rankings, regardless of what their claims may be. There are changes being made to Google's algorithm on the daily, a variety of technical issues that need to be addressed on a website, as well as competitors in your niche. This variety of factors make it difficult to fulfil any concrete guarantees. What we can do, however, is create a comprehensive audit and build a development plan that will help increase your organic visibility over time. Have a look at a couple of our case studies to see how we can help your business grow.

We kick off our SEO process with a meeting from both sides, which would involve your personal SEO account manager and relevant parties from your side. During the meeting, we'll discuss your business objectives as well as how you want your brand to be perceived. Additionally, we'll also conduct an in-depth audit of your website, outlining all the issues that need to be addressed.

At Bruce Clay MENA, we create professional and live dashboards on Google Data Studio and deliver an in-depth report with analysis and commentary. Furthermore, you can access your dashboard at any time to check on any updates.

In addition to the MENA region, we work with clients from South Africa, Turkey, and we're also present in Asian markets. Our widespread network allows us to successfully create expertly curated local content.

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