YouTube Audio-Only Ads

Posted By on November 26th, 2020 in Pay Per Click

Expanding the range of their ad offerings, YouTube recently announced introducing audio-only ads to their video-based platform.

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform with 2 billion users worldwide, has published their endeavours to offer audio-only advertisements while users are consuming content on the video streaming app.

While audio ads seem just as skippable as video ads, audio-only ads might sound better than they appear.


When viewers are not binging with Babish, catching up on Jimmy Fallon or reviewing the latest iPhone, YouTube exclaims that more than 50% of signed-in users are listening to music on YouTube. 

YouTube being the starting point, for any new Beyonce release, it is no surprise that searches for musicians win the top YouTube searches.

However, as listeners unwind to soft tunes from Ed Sheeran, advertisers may not be capturing these consumer’s attention through video ads. 

Video ads confuse the audio content consumer, with loud background music and confusing messaging, tempting users to skip faster. It contradicts the way users are absorbing this content, which is lyrically and not visually. 


Cue Audio Ads

Audio ads are voiceovers which can creatively communicate the message of the advertisement.

Audio ads are designed for the music lovers, the podcast enthusiasts and others plugged-in to audio-only content on YouTube. They can be more effective in connecting with the user because it is tailored to this different way in which users are consuming content.


Message Communication 

When users are listening to video ads, the message is visual and may not persuade the listener. However, audio ads fit perfectly with the way in which users are consuming audio content. It will help to get the ad message better across and are more likely to be recalled. While users are listening to online classes or songs, they will extend this attention to the audio ad.

YouTube gives that from their alpha testing of this format, more than 75% of audio ads lead to an increase in brand awareness.

Targeting Options 

For Advertisers, YouTube audio ads will be on auction in google ads, display and video 360. Like video ads, they will be available on a CPM basis and will offer the same targeting features and bidding strategies. 

In addition to the standard options, YouTube proposes to offer targeting based on song genres like Latin music, k-pop, hip hop and top 100. 


Trying YouTube Ads For The First Time 

Audio ads are easier to create, involve fewer costs and will allow many businesses to kickstart their brand presence on YouTube.

While YouTube audio ads are still in the testing phase, if executed well with the help of Google’s best practices guidelines, they can bring favourable results for audio content users and even more for advertisers.

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