Why You’re Losing Instagram Followers and How to Stop it

Posted By on January 12th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

As you are monitoring your growth on Instagram and spending many days on creating the best strategies to invite more followers; you might, unfortunately, find an opposing result; your follow rate is only decreasing!
Whether you are losing your followers suddenly or at a normal pace, you must be wondering why this happens? What factors take part in this? And is there a way to handle it?


Reasons why you’re losing Instagram followers

1. You could be losing fake followers

This could possibly be the main reason why you are losing followers. Many social platforms, including Instagram, are continuously improving their methods to detect fake followers! And this is done in large batches every couple of months, eventually removing them from your following rate as if they never existed, which causes you to lose followers suddenly. People refer to this process as “Instagram purge”, and this also includes deleting the ‘ghost’ accounts of some companies that sell followers for a fee.

2. Some users lost interest in your content

People’s tastes change by time, just like they change their clothes, environments, and perspectives. And this applies to what they want to follow on their accounts, especially that Instagram app has been there for quite a while. And here comes the time as an essential element in creating your content.

3. You are not posting often enough

In a competitive platform like Instagram, a lot of content is posted every day, and if you want your content to rise among all that, you need to follow a posting schedule, where you help your followers engage more with enough content of what they like.

4. Your content is not high quality

Remember that Instagram is a visual platform at first, with mostly a visual audience. It is substantially important to give enough care for the images you post as much as you refine your content and captions, as visual assets are the first step towards getting your audience’s attention.

5. You could be posting too much

You do not want your audience to experience visual fatigue because of your content, especially when it annoyingly starts feeling like self-promotion. Reflect this on brands you like, yes, you may enjoy following their offers and products, but not to the extent they pop into your feed many times a day! And it could be worse if it is the same content! This will be unnecessarily exhausting to you, especially when users decide to unfollow to avoid overcrowding their feeds with your posts.


How to stop losing Instagram followers?

  • Keep in mind that losing fake followers is for your benefit! It will result in an increased engagement rate, and your account will not feel like an empty club.
  • Think of the time element wisely, and the type of content people do not get bored of by time.
  • Your content must be diverse and relevant to your audience and niche, and if it is a business, there should be a balance instead of the apparent intention to sell in every single post.
  • Posting often enough is absolutely against the act of “double-insta” which is posting twice to your feed in one day, which is a bit of advice given by the head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, in his interview on NBC News’ Byers Market podcast.

Good content is definitely the long-term generator that keeps your account standing in such competitive platforms. It is the soul that people want to engage with, know more about, and sometimes get attached to it. That is why it is the worthiest element you should think of investing your effort in.

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