6 Reasons why SEO is important for your business!

Posted By on November 11th, 2018 in Search Engine Optimisation

Imagine you launch a new website for home décor and interiors. It’s attractive, visually appealing and all things great! But people are unable to find it online. What’s the point of having a well-designed website that doesn’t make itself visible to people instantly? How do you make your site reachable to one and all? Well, a good SEO strategy is the answer!  

SEO remains one of the most important components of online marketing as it helps to drastically improve a brand’s online visibility. It assists websites to build content in a way that search engines understand. By ensuring your website is easily readable by search engines, using relevant keywords and phrases, will help your site rank higher than competitors on search engines. This makes your website easily visible and since it ranks higher on SERPs, you also get a high CTR. You may be wondering how is that possible? Search engines crawl to your website while looking for relevant content and links.  

So, in order to make your website search engine friendly, an effective SEO strategy that go hand-in-hand is key! This not only helps to enhance brand visibility but also its effectiveness. We’ve listed down a set of benefits of an effective SEO strategy for your understanding. Take a look.  

1. Increased Traffic: 

In order to get more traffic, it is important to rank #1. And SEO helps you to achieve just that. It helps improve the ranking of your website which in turn ensures increased traffic

2. Better Visibility: 

If your website uses relevant keywords that people search for, it stands a better chance of ranking on the SERPs. Proper usage of relevant keywords helps search engines understand what the website/page is about and hence ranks them accordingly, which helps increase visibility.

3. Instills Trust:

Websites that rank on Page 1 of search engines are often considered to be more trustworthy and efficient. People have a perception that only sites that are ranked on top are helpful. So, if you have an effective SEO strategy, you are sure to make it to the top, thus listing yourself as a credible website with great brand equity.  

4. Assists Search Engines: 

An effective SEO strategy not only helps users but also helps search engine robots to read and understand your website better. Many-a-times, search engines find it difficult to read content. SEO acts as a mediator between your website and search engines. 

5. Encourages Leads / Sales:

With sound SEO, your website is visible all day and night which means potential customers can see your website whenever they search. This results in constant traffic and a probable chance of leads/sales.

6. Cost Effective: 

While PPC can give you instant results and social media may enhance your brand image, SEO helps drive more revenue and is a cost-effective medium.  

If you own a business or manage a website, you certainly want to drive traffic to it. SEO plays a very important role as it aims to do just that. It improves online presence, drives traffic to your site and ultimately helps you achieve your desired goals.  

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