Why SEM (PPC) is Important for SMEs?

Posted By on August 19th, 2018 in Pay Per Click

Small and medium business enterprises can benefit greatly from SEM – the acronym for Search Engine Marketing.

Often, bigger companies can consider adding PPC (Pay Per Click) to their budget. Smaller and medium business, on the other hand, may be hesitant and partner with aggregators on a revenue-sharing model – but fear not; the myth that SEM can be too costly for a business only comes with a poorly optimised campaign.

Since a poorly optimised campaign can be detrimental to your SEM strategy, make sure you keep the following tips in mind to ensure a better ROI – even for the smallest of businesses!

Start with a Specific Radius

SMEs (small and medium enterprises) can choose to target an audience within their business radius. For example, a restaurant can display ads on phones that are within 1km of its radius only – not across the city. In this way, the campaign is very effective, because it targets people that the restaurant can deliver food to. Unlike the case with larger enterprises, SMEs may not be willing to spend on a nation-wide campaign. Regardless, SEM is a countable way to measure ROI (return on interest), even within a 1km radius.

This way, you can reach your target audience effectively.

Include Click to Call

With mobile phones, an ad can display with a ‘call’ option. By clicking on this, the user gets in touch and calls your business immediately, which makes advertising that much easier:

Direct Contact with the Consumer => Direct Contact with the Product => Sales

Helps You Understand Your Customers

Because SEM campaigns are completely measurable, businesses can understand more about their target market/location and customer requirement by just looking at the keyword report. This will not only help in a digital marketing campaign but with off-digital marketing efforts as well. Through SEM, businesses can tailor their products and services better for their targeted audience.


The myth that SEM is expensive is unfound. If it were, businesses – large or small – would not be investing in it. Because SEM is a measurable way to increase and track ROI, it is an integral part of a digital marketing campaign. By competing with larger business, learning to cater to customers, and with effective targeting, SEM can entirely transform SMEs.

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