What Does a Social Media Agency in Dubai Do?

Posted By on August 30th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

Many people have asked me about what I do at work! Simply, most day to day activities inside a social media agency would be focused on compiling social media strategies based on best practices, creating content, and then publishing that content on multiple channels. Let’s discuss the various services a social media agency offers before answering your question, what does a social media agency do? 

What is social media really about? 

There is a very important component to social media that cannot be ignored, and it’s the one thing that makes managing social media a marketing activity and not merely a fun activity all about memes and selfies. What I am referring to here is the reporting and analysis process! 

At Bruce Clay MENA, we spend a lot of time collecting data and analyzing it. We make sure we understand the data that comes from the posts we push out on multiple social media channels as this would be the primary practice towards our goal, that is achieving a winning strategy.

If you don’t make use of the data you receive and which is there in front of you and gets updated regularly on the different platforms, you will end up with much slower and less accurate growth. 


What are the core services offered by a Social Media Agency in Dubai? 

Account Management:

 Let’s break this down to understand it better. First, account management necessitates creating content and publishing it. Second, it is essential to engage with the audience. To increase engagement, you need to promote original content, create outstanding visual assets, conduct brainstorming sessions to come up with creative topics, define a posting schedule and publish your content on the respective channels. 

Customer Service: 

A customer reaching out on social media with a problem means he/she is unhappy. Our job is to reply and handle such requests in order to convert this customer from an unhappy customer to a happy customer. We must ensure that customer has the best experience possible when engaging with the brand we’re representing.

Social Media Advertising (Paid Media): 

Advertising on social media is very important. When we allocate some budget to specific posts to boost and convert them into sponsored ads, they help us with reaching a wider audience. Simply, when you are spending money, you are reaching more people. It is very important to keep an eye on what’s getting boosted. You must make sure of the right visual, the right messaging and the right targeting. All of this is very important to keep your costs reasonable. Advertising must be done after creating campaigns, defining the right audiences and testing different options. Advertising is the backbone of any social media strategy, a lot of brands don’t just rely on organic, and if they do and they have a significant number of organic reach, they implement paid even to do better.

Account Growth:

Successfully growing a page varies from one brand to another depending on the size of the account and industry. Sometimes the main client’s objective is to have higher account growth, sometimes that’s not what they need at all. For Facebook, growth can come from having share for share partnerships with other pages or from pushing paid ads. There are many other tactics to be considered. For Instagram, we mostly use engaging ideas where it requires our audience to comment on our posts and start a conversation, also we consider influencer marketing, as this tactic is very effective nowadays.

Other services that we provide for our clients include regular meetings and catch-ups. The agency must communicate with the client regularly to discuss new campaigns, new initiatives, content, events, and many more. The agency-client relationship is a partnership, so making sure we keep close contact is vital to making this whole process work. 


Back to your question, what does a Social Media Agency do? 

Social media marketing is very important for any company that aims to have a successful presence on social media platforms and ensure great customer experience through positive brand interactions. Analyzing data, coming up with new ways to reach our target audience and figuring out how to communicate with them on behalf of our clients, adds significant value to our role. To obtain that value, an agency must develop a strategy to achieve the client’s goals and put a process for implementing this strategy and analyze the data received for better understandings.

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Lea Allam Author
Sr. Social Media Account Manager , Bruce Clay MENA

Lea has worked in Dubai for almost three years with top brands including Al Rawabi, Holland & Barrett, Superdry, Bateel and multiple brands within Landmark group. 

As a Social Media Manager, she is a hugely valued member of the Social Team. She strives to build and add value to all the brands she works with through her digital marketing experience and enthusiasm for the industry. 

Lea is passionate Milo malt drink lover and happens to be an exceptionally good tennis player!

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