Why and When Should We Consider Using LinkedIn Stories?

Posted By on November 12th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

If you work in Social Media, you probably know by now the controversy that comes up whenever a new feature is released. The question is always: Should I use this feature to promote my products? Will it serve my purpose?

LinkedIn Stories is no exception. This feature was released earlier this year. It enables you to share a 20-second video that stays for 24 hours and is visible to your network.

LinkedIn stories

This feature could be of huge benefit in the professional market. It is always a good idea to share a quick post with your audience in a light and fun way. But when and why should you use LinkedIn Stories?

Let’s start with “why” LinkedIn Stories give you the “First mover advantage.” In other words, even though this new feature has been released for a couple of months now, you would not find a lot of LinkedIn Stories in your feed. And here comes the advantage. If you took the initiative and added a story, it is guaranteed that you will stand out for network and following. That’s because, for many of your network, chances are, that you will be the only story that’s visible on their feed.

After you decide on taking the initiative, remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform, which means you should be selective with what you post on your story. Here’s what to share on your LinkedIn Stories.

Professional Tips

People use LinkedIn to not only look for a job but also to expand their knowledge and learn new tricks that will increase their chances of getting the job of their dreams or even getting promoted in their current position. Sharing professional tips will help your network fulfil their purpose on LinkedIn yet in a light and fun way. And here comes the benefit of stories. Stories, as opposed to posts, give you the room to add the touch of fun yet without defeating the purpose of LinkedIn.

Linkedin Professional Tips

Real-Time Event Coverage

Sharing snippets of the professional events you have hosted or took part in would interest your network. So instead of using Instagram to cover events that most of your audience would find boring, now you can share those snippets on Linkedin, and your network will appreciate that.

Employee Branding

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity of highlighting your employees and their strengths. For example, suppose one of your employees completed their master’s degree in a prestigious university. In that case, you might want to show them some love and share the news with your audience. LinkedIn Stories is the best place for that.

Product Announcement

As previously mentioned, if you are one of the very first brands to use LinkedIn Stories, it will make it easier for you to stand out, which makes it an excellent tool for new product announcements.

To sum up, LinkedIn Stories is still new in the market, so the earlier you use the feature, the better, as this would help your brand stand out in the crowd. The feature allows you to tweak the professionalism into a bit of a fun, engaging format, without defeating the purpose of LinkedIn.

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