Try Makeup on Google Shopping with Augmented Reality

Posted By on December 31st, 2020 in Digital News, Pay Per Click

Google to use augmented reality and let users try cosmetics online. The platform will be showing product recommendations from influencers on the mobile Google Shopping section and Discover feed which will be called a digital “try it on” experience for some cosmetics-related queries using augmented reality.

They will be working with data partners like ModiFace & Perfect Corp to visualize thousands of eyeshadow shades and lipsticks from brands like L’Oreal, M.A.C Cosmetics, Black Opal and Charlotte Tilbury. Google will launch the feature in the US.


Working functionality

When the user searches for lipstick, eyeshadow or similar products on the Google app, the results will contain several shades that can be applied to different models with various skin tones and available product types and colours.

Products can be tried virtually on the mobile device with the front face camera plugged with AR to apply cosmetics to the user’s face, and the users can see the result directly on their mobile screen. This feature opens a new aspect in terms of digital advertising which will redefine user experience.

Recommended use in Shopping and Discover

Google mentioned that products and categories ranging from beauty, apparel, home and garden etc. might appear in the shopping section of Google and mobile device users will be able to see this in the discover feed.


Why should we care?

This AR feature can make the Google app an appealing shopping destination for users researching cosmetics to buy. This feature also develops digital marketing opportunities for cosmetics manufacturers. The product knowledge panel contains organic shopping listing, which can drive qualified traffic for online retailers.

Also, the AR feature displays the application with real-time experience for a product into a digital landscape. It provides online customers with a detailed understanding of the product they are about to buy.

In the overall scheme of things, the recommendations appearing in shopping and discover feeds will be applicable to multiple industry types. This will benefit the brands as they will be directly able to use influencers on the mobile shopping experience and discover feeds to promote their products.