TikTok Advertisement and the Current Generation

Posted By on May 27th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

What better way to reach the current generation than on the platform they love the most? This sounds like a foolproof plan to grab their attention and make them give you their money!



Gen Z may look like follows, but they are far from it. Flashy items, scrunchies, hydro flasks, and TikTok dances. All these seem like a pretty straight forward summary of this current generation. However, we forget that although they do love the shiny and the bold, they also value authenticity and honesty. Although they are trendsetters and fashionistas, they WILL look twice before falling for a cheap, quick, seemingly funny TikTok advertisement. When scrolling through social media, it is easy for them to miss out on the message you are trying to send out to them. This is especially true for the platform TikTok. 


Is TikTok the perfect platform for paid marketing?

TikTok first appeared in 2016 and over the next three years, became the “it” platform for a lot of tweens, teens, and young adults (and the occasional 40-year-old). It is an app that houses short videos, usually less than a minute long, and those who choose to make videos have access to an assortment of filters and effects, in addition to a massive music library. TikTok currently has about 800 MILLION active users monthly. Given how popular it is, it is not a surprise that it has now become filled with advertisements of different brands. If we look at this in terms of reach, you might assume that this platform is perfect for marketing, especially if your target audience falls within the TikTok community. On the other hand, if we look at retention; instead, it can be seen that this approach is not as effective as one may assume.


To catch a TikToker’s attention, an advertisement needs to be three things:


Attention is quickly lost on meaningless and lengthy TikTok advertisements. Ideally, an ad must remain under the 15s benchmark and be visually catching at the same time. If you start your TikTok ad video with a bang, you increase your chances of viewer retention – do not start your ad in conventional ways, do use impactful visuals and a trendy song. 


Your TikTok ad, assuming it has passed the retention stage, must not only reel in the audience but also make them believe your message. To do so, you must get the users to trust you, which is no easy task. Using celebrities and influencers is tricky, as they must be utilized in a fun but authentic manner. Keep all messaging honest.



Content will make or break your TikTok advertisement. What are you showing your audience? Is it meaningful? Will it benefit them? Why should they “learn more”? Understand fully what the TikTok demographic wants to see and hear. I’ll give you a hint, do not focus on sales, do focus on the purpose. 

TikTok is a tricky platform to advertise on. The audience is there to swipe through entertaining and short videos, and their finger won’t stop for an advertisement that they do not care to see. If you do choose to reach this demographic through their own app, keep in mind that they own the platform, and you are simply the visitor. 

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