The Power of GIF’s

Posted By on October 28th, 2018 in Social Media Marketing

In a digital era where everything is online, GIFs grab more attention than photos and videos ever could. In case you’re wondering what GIF is – Graphic Interchange Format also known as GIF, it’s an animated moving picture that communicates a story about a moment or event by capturing instant attention.  

Fun Fact: GIFs generate approximately seven times more views and engagement than videos, when shared on social media. 

They are undoubtedly one of the most engaging and ubiquitous mediums that have been outperforming static images like memes and photos. It is said that a picture is worth 1000 words, but if it’s a moving picture, it’s definitely worth 10,000. 

Advantages of GIFs for brands:  

  • It captures attention instantly  
  • Appeals to a young audience 
  • It is easier to implement than videos 
  • Can be created by anyone  
  • It allows users to engage and interact with the brand  
  • Has a higher chance of going viral 

Benefits of GIFs:  

  • Explains, educates and promotes: 

GIFs are a great medium to announce major events and educate the audience. Many times, it is also used to promote and explain the concept of a certain promotion. This encourages users to engage with the brand and interact with the promotion, which in turn creates brand awareness and loyalty.

  • They’re easy to understand: 

If a brand is trying to convey a message to an audience, GIFs are a really cool, fresh and young way to do so. They make understanding the message easy by conveying it in a fun way

  • Visually appealing and effective:

GIFs help enhance a brands message with visually appealing content. This not only leaves an everlasting impact on the customer but also makes them remember the brand. With an ideal call-to-action, GIFs can be a great medium through which a brand conveys its message across.

  • Mobile-friendly: 

Since the majority of people these days are glued to their smartphones, it is important to communicate brand messages through platforms that are mobile-friendly. GIFs are only a few seconds smaller in size and easier to upload as compared to videos, which makes them perfect for mobile users.

  • Boosts brand content:

If you convey your message in a different way, you are sure to stand out and be remembered. What better way to do so than using GIFs? They are visually appealing, create remembrance value and enhance brand content.  

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