The Next Wave of Engagement on Social Media

Posted By on November 24th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

Social Media History is still in its infancy since the entire industry has only existed for less than two centuries. However, at this time, all social media platforms were all built with the fundamental concept of maximizing engagement. From MySpace’s “top 5”, which allowed you to rank your friends, an idea that would be considered controversial in today’s more politically correct climate. And Facebook’s differentiating factor straight out of the gate being their relationship status that helped people begin sharing their personal experiences online.


Every popular platform has adapted the formula for engagement in one way or another. Some platforms such as Twitter have stuck to their original design, allowing users to either like or retweet. This strategy is admirable for platforms that aim to keep feeds decluttered and avoid unnecessary visuals. On Facebook, the expansion of the “reactions” range has helped people express themselves faster and more accurately, which revitalized engagement on the platform after it had once plateaued.

The last 3 to 4 years have shown an even further decrease in attention span for the younger generation, which has led the hippest of platforms to integrate their engagement tools within the visuals itself. The first instances of this were the rise of Snapchat filters, which allowed people to instantly create entertaining visual content that was bound to get a reaction from those they share it with.

Instagram took this one step further, adding engagement tools that can be pinned on an IG story, thus making every piece of content shared interactive and expanding the scope of its tools to help accounts survey, quiz or receive feedback from their followers instantaneously.


For commercial pages, these tools are a gold mine. Creating engaging content has never been easier. You can now constantly engage in a back and forth with your customer base and always be up to date on their preferences and notes. With the creation of IG & FB live, pages can now begin a direct conversation with their followers at any time, making it easier to remain top of mind and know how your digital presence is perceived.

Engagement is bound to continue evolving as platforms improve. However, it is simply enough to remember that as long your online presence continues to bring meaningful content into the lives of your followers, engagement tools can help reflect how they feel about this content, thus giving you knowledge on how to tweak it so that it may better serve their needs and yours.

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