The importance of aligning on KPIs!

Posted By on March 10th, 2019 in Digital News

Many times we find ourselves discussing briefs with clients and although we may align on strategy and direction, it seems the one thing that always has a question mark above it is KPI’s. We’ve all experienced briefs that have plenty of objectives and deliverables but with unrelated KPI’s. Usually, we find that we need to discuss the brief in more detail with the client to understand the exact objective of their campaign so we can further advise them in regards to what they should be measuring to achieve their objective.


The term “best ROI” is heard a lot when discussing KPI’s but what does “best” actually mean? Is it just in terms of cost? What got you the cheapest CPC? Or is it about reaching the largest number of people or the largest number of the right audience?

There is no standard rule of thumb when it comes to KPI’s and what should and shouldn’t be measured, whether it be engagement rate, reach, conversion, website traffic or even app installs, what truly matters is that you and your client are aligned on the objective of the campaign and that you ensure your campaign is built around those objectives. Once the campaign is up and running, it’s imperative that you measure your performance based on the KPI’s that you and your client have aligned on. There is no point of reaching 10 million people and gaining 10,000 engagement if the objective of the campaign was app installs.

To make it easier for you we have listed the main social KPI’s along with the best times to use them:


Usually, the most important KPI when for a brand-new social page and the company’s objective is to grow their presence on social media.


This is the most common KPI which many clients include in their campaign objectives as it helps them understand whether they are running a successful campaign.


This is a very important KPI when you want to spread awareness and reach to a lot of people at once. This is usually associated with new brands entering a market, new product launches or specific promotions.

App installs:

This is very straight forward, it’s when a client wants more people to download their app. Another KPI that is usually associated with this is app usage, to ensure that people are not only downloading the app but using it as well.


Usually, website traffic is an objective when the client has an e-commerce site, a booking site or any site that may get them conversions/sales. It is important to monitor where the traffic to the site is coming from and which traffic is converting.


A lot of clients will only care about conversions/leads, this is especially significant in the real estate industry. It is important to understand your client’s needs and to understand which platform will deliver them the best results. LinkedIn usually works best for this kind of KPI although you will always find that it’s a lot more expensive than the other social platforms.

Remember, it is very important to align closely with your client in regards to KPIs and be sure to give feedback and recommendations to ensure the correct measurement metrics are set for the campaign from the outset.

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