Social Media and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted By on May 14th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

What role does social media play during a pandemic?

In the face of the world pandemic COVID-19, social media is an excellent source for individuals as well as communities to stay connected even while physically separated. They provide a source of information, communication, and a powerful tool to influence the public positively. In the past month, we’ve seen individuals, and businesses use social media to spread awareness of the Coronavirus, as well as the actions that must be taken to maintain safety and ensure a Corona-free future.


How do I know what to trust and what not to on social media?

Information shared on social media can help keep us safe and give us a better understanding of what is happening and how it might influence us and those we love. However, not all the information we come across on social media platforms are correct; finding trusted sources of information regarding COVID-19 is vital. If you happen to be the one presenting information, be it on behalf of a business or yourself, it’s your responsibility to cite your sources properly.

What good can come from trending subjects?

Before the COVID-19 situation, many of us didn’t hear of “social distancing,” which indicates staying at least six feet apart from others to limit the spread of infections. Now, social media users, from friends and family to celebrities and officials, are regularly calling for social distancing. Also, the phenomenon of panic buying in a time of crisis is undergoing serious conversations! People now are mostly posting about their panic buying behaviour, showing images of carts filled with toilet papers and even pictures of empty shelves. Here is where social media will play a huge part which is to share positive information and spread it out there. 

What is the main responsibility of brands right now?

To ensure the safety and well being of their employees and customers, streaming services provide entertainment for people who are bored from staying at home. On another note, markets and restaurants which offer delivery services are able to provide groceries and meals safely for people while they don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes. Another industry that took a positive step towards this situation is E-learning. Websites that offer online courses are offering a lot of valuable courses and resources available for free.

So generally, we see many businesses do the best they can to ease the fear and reassure their customers. All we need to do is to try to remain positive in these rather scary and disorienting times.


What can social media do during a crisis similar to the one we’re going through? 

The ability to share our experiences with our family and friends helps us overcome our literal and emotional isolation and also reminds us that we’re all in this together. The whole world is experiencing the same problems, so it is time to stay -remotely- connected, act smart, stay home and save ourselves and others through applying recommended social distancing and hygiene practices.

Lea Allam Author
Sr. Social Media Account Manager , Bruce Clay MENA

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