6 SEO Myths People Should Stop Believing in 2020

Posted By on June 29th, 2020 in Search Engine Optimisation

Many of us come across various marketers or business owners who have so many misconceptions around SEO. Most of these SEO myths keep them confused as they are not sure whom to believe. We have compiled a few common SEO myths that people should stop believing in 2020:

Myth 1: SEO Is All About Rankings

SEO is not just rankings any more! SEO in 2020 is more about user intent and experience rather than just rankings. We need to make sure that our content answers what a user has been searching for. Even Google is paying more attention to user intent for more personalized search results and a better overall experience.


Myth 2: Keyword Optimization Matters Most in SEO

Using the right keywords while creating content is always advisable, but that’s not the most critical aspect of SEO. It’s just one step in your SEO optimization process and should be done while creating any fresh content. And since Google is getting strict regarding content quality and experience, stuffing keywords all over the page will only affect your SEO negatively. More than just focusing on keywords, webmasters should also check for content structuring, overall page experience, page speed, etc.


Myth 3: More Backlinks Are Needed To Rank On Page 1

Many believe that a greater number of links, the better your rankings. If that was the case then we wouldn’t have been able to outrank Apple or Souq.com for many iPhone related keywords whilst optimizing for Sharaf DG’s website (Case Study). So yeah, there is no such thing as “links are the most important”, and actually what we should be looking at is quality of links rather than just quantity. Other important aspects such as tech issues, on-page issues, content etc. play an essential role for your overall website ranking.


Myth 4: You Don’t Need an SEO Expert

Whoever says you don’t need an SEO expert, doesn’t understand SEO at all. An SEO expert takes care of your website’s technical SEO aspects which are very important for Google to index your website properly. Then comes your on-page & content part, which is particularly important for improving your website’s ranking & overall user-experience. So overall, an SEO expert takes care of how Google and users experience your site and any relevant changes it may need to achieve the desired results.


SEO Myths


Myth 5: SEO Is A One-Time Job

It’s sad to hear when a company stops doing SEO for its website due to financial or other reasons. Some even think that they don’t need an SEO agency any more as they’ve already achieved their yearly targets! What they do not understand is that the point of SEO is not just to increase your organic traffic, but also to maintain the existing growth and sustain the keyword positions. An SEO expert will always keep a check on any Google algorithm changes and how that may affect your website. That’s why Bruce Clay always says “SEO Is Forever”.


SEO Myths


Myth 6: SEO Is Dead

SEO has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and with so many Google core updates happening every year, along with changes to rich results on Google, many have been saying that SEO is dead. However, with all these changes done by Google, it makes SEO even more important in terms of the competition to rank for rich results. SEO is not dying; it has just changed how things are done and has eliminated all the black/grey hat techniques used by various SEO folks to manipulate Google’s algorithms.

These were our pick of 6 common SEO myths that people should stop believing in 2020. If you know of any more SEO myths you would like for us to debunk or would love to know our thoughts on the same, then do reach out to us!