Rise of Facebook’s metaverse: what to expect?

Posted By on November 24th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

In case you did not know, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO has announced that he will change the name of the company from “Facebook” to “Meta”.

Before we dig deep on what that means from a digital marketing perspective, let’s talk about what the term “metaverse” means:

In short, a metaverse is a wild concept of merging the real world with the virtual one, allowing people to interact, socialize and even work in a fully digital realm.

Now that you know the technical definition, let’s have a glimpse of the possibilities the new universe can offer you:

You are taking a walk home, you have a sudden realization that there was a shopping task that you have forgotten, but you can’t put your hand on the name or the type of product you wanted.

Your brain-computer interface device recognizes it for you and shows you what stores and exact aisles it’s located!

And that’s only a fraction of what could happen in the metaverse, so you should come prepared, but how?

You need to think 3D! Your social media post won’t do, your Google ad won’t do, your ads will be visible, touchable, and perceptible.

Have you ever seen a paid ad in a classroom? Office? Night club? All of this can be possible.

And just like brands found a way to be visible in search engines like Google by utilizing “SEO”, it’s time to start thinking how they can be visible in the metaverse.

Using AR to allow users to try on your product or take a closer look at it without purchasing it or using VR to allow buyers to take a virtual tour in your building (if you’re a real estate company) before signing a contract if they’re busy or out of town, all of this will improve your visibility in the metaverse.

There will also be whole worlds built around specific topics of interest, where you can market your brand if it’s relevant, or you can become a community influencer without even having to show your real face!

Will social media marketing diminish? Considering that not everyone who currently uses Facebook, especially older age groups, will be interested in existing in a digital universe, the answer is no.

In fact, there will certainly be an overlap between the metaverse and Facebook as we know it today, as Facebook for example will allow you to show off the world you’ve built or the photos you’ve taken inside the metaverse to your Facebook groups.

Brands dipping their toes in the metaverse today are making headlines, so we suggest you move quickly as soon as the launch is official!