Online Businesses, PPC Advertising and “Quaran-Time” 

Posted By on April 30th, 2020 in Pay Per Click

With malls closed, roads and streets off-limit and citizens confined to their homes, now the only places anyone can freely visit are online stores. During this changing external environment, the world is moving-in online. For businesses to survive, brands are smartly changing their digital advertising and marketing strategies to reach their home-quarantined customers.


Why should businesses use PPC advertising during quarantine? 

With most of the city working from home, people’s online screen time is increasing. As people are spending more of their time online, this is a great opportunity for businesses to get their brand in front of more customers and grow their business using PPC advertising. 

According to a study, 22% of brands are investing more in digital advertising and increasing their ad spend during these challenging circumstances. Brands are using PPC advertising to offer discounts and to keep their business afloat while ensuring they are generating revenue as their offline stores remain closed.

Although it is unfortunate that some companies have reduced their online advertising spend, it also reduces competition in the online advertising space, which other brands can take advantage of.

How brands are capitalizing on “Quaran-Time”?

What is Quaran-Time?

Quaran-Time is the free hours that people have on their hands, which otherwise would be spent at restaurants, shopping malls or bars. While this has caused losses to many offline businesses and poses threats to others, for some, quaran-time might have people turning to their business. These online brands are using digital advertising to capitalize on quaran-time and grow their business smartly. Here are some examples below:

1. Online Learning Course: A variety of online courses from educational institutes and online video learning classes like Masterclass, are using this time to up their digital ad presence, presenting people with the opportunity to use their quaran-time more wisely.

2. Online Streaming Entertainment: People are more likely to use their quaran-time streaming content and catching up on online shows. Knowing that people will be consuming more entertainment, online streaming sites like Amazon Prime and HBO Now have increased their digital ad spending.




3. Food Delivery Service: Many restaurants are pushing digital advertisements to inform regular customers; their favourites’ can be delivered to their homes. Through these ads, they are also gaining new customers.

4. Online Grocery Delivery: The city lockdown gives an excellent opportunity for online grocery businesses to advertise and increase sales as more people look for alternative ways to shop for groceries.

5. Video Conferencing Companies: Video conferencing providers, B2B products…etc are experiencing an increase in sales as more people rely on them to reduce the challenges of working from home and are also gaining popularity among families who want to spend time talking to groups of friends online. We at Bruce Clay had a great quiz night over a Zoom conference call!




How are brands using quaran-time to increase online engagement?  

Continuing the conversation of capitalizing on quaran-time, as quarantined individuals continue to look for ways to pass their time and with the increased eyeballs online, brands are smartly using this situation to increase their social media engagement. 20% of brands discovered that while their sales are declining, engaging with customers through social media is flourishing. Through well-strategized social media campaigns, brands are challenging fans to upload creative content using their hashtags. Not only are brands effortlessly achieving their engagement goals, but this can also later transfer into better sales when the city lockdown is over.