Using Influencer Marketing The Right Way!

Posted By on June 17th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

We all know that promoting your product or service through a Social Media user or an influencer with a great amount of engagement is an excellent way to get wider exposure. Influencer marketing provides a higher ROI than traditional digital marketing forms. Also, non-celebrities are more likely to influence and convert customers compared with known celebrities. It is known that consumers trust recommendations from others over content that comes from a brand.

You don’t need to pay a lot for promotions; however, you can build valuable relationships with people whose interests line up with your vision and are passionate about your brand. Also pick people that create content that resonates with the audience, and those who can be turned into customers. To make sure you are receiving a positive impact from collaborating with influencers, you need to focus on the below.


Always start with what you know

Ask around in your company which influencers they follow in your industry. Look for influencers who don’t just have a significant amount of following but also great content created with which many have engaged. An influencer with a high amount of reach is less effective than an influencer whose posts get a lot of comments and shares, and thus more organic reach! 

Browse your own followings

Make use of the social network followings for your brand. Identify your loyal followers. Since they are already engaged and passionate about your brand, they may also be willing to act as brand advocates or ambassadors for you. 

Use tools and search engines

Utilize the power of Google when you are searching for influencers. Search for the word “influencer” as well as the topic related to your brand. The top results may require a high paycheck; however, you can still get an idea of those in their communities who might be able to help. You can also reach out to great influencers by actively participating in online communities, where you can connect with users and ask them who they regularly follow to see their content. 

Build a good connection with them

The influencer might seem a stranger but think of why you approached them in the first place. Have you been one of their fans for a while? Have they recently written a blog or a post that you enjoyed reading? Let them know immediately that you are a fan of their content. Give a clear example of how their work relates to your brand’s goals. And most importantly, provide them with reliable sources. Share with them your brand’s guidelines, content, ideas and anything else you think may help them get to know your brand. 


Always be available

If an influencer asks a question, be there to answer, and provide them with the information they need quickly. This helps ease the process while working with them and helps you make sure that the coverage is done right.

Follow up!

A campaign doesn’t have to be limited to a single post only. If you loved working with them, following up and showing gratitude, may inspire the influencer, intrigue him/her to post about you again in the future. Or recommend you in a relevant post. Continue to check up on influencers you have worked with, as their followings grow, their coverage for your brand will grow as well. 

Using influencers is very important; however, it must be done in the right way to lift your brand. The way you treat, find and approach influencers will reflect on your marketing campaign’s results. 

Lea Allam Author
Sr. Social Media Account Manager , Bruce Clay MENA

Lea has worked in Dubai for almost three years with top brands including Al Rawabi, Holland & Barrett, Superdry, Bateel and multiple brands within Landmark group. 

As a Social Media Manager, she is a hugely valued member of the Social Team. She strives to build and add value to all the brands she works with through her digital marketing experience and enthusiasm for the industry. 

Lea is passionate Milo malt drink lover and happens to be an exceptionally good tennis player!

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