Inclusivity and Social Media Content in 2021

Posted By on April 7th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

We all want to be heard; it’s human nature. We want to feel appreciated, represented, and thought of. Similarly, we want the brands we associate our identities with to share those same beliefs as we do.

Imagine this with me, it’s a regular Sunday, and you’re in the comfort of your home scrolling on the feed of one of your many social media platforms when suddenly, you see a post that you just feel instantly connected to the message behind it. Because maybe, just maybe, it spoke to you in a way you thought no one could ever do?

That’s what I want to shift your focus to, Social Media Inclusivity.

Usually, the social strategy set in place for brands in terms of their content posting is to get our products out there, choose the models, proof check the captions, and press post!

But is your entire audience included in that piece of content? Are they located in the centre of your mind?
And is it as often as it should be?

Place representation in the centre of your lens

By amplifying diverse voices on the brand’s social platforms, we finally can see this more than often today, thanks to the research and implicit work content writers and marketers are achieving in terms of cultural intelligence.

BINGO! That’s the keyword there, cultural intelligence.
That is one of the challenges brands are trying to overcome; this can be done by having those types of conversations with each team member, including your stakeholders.

Is what you’re plugging in your editorial calendar relates to each slice of the cake? Listen to your audience, listen to what matters to them first, speak in that way, then follow.

When setting these objectives, remember the key demographics, who is not presented in your social content at present, and the basic mechanism that will help you improve and monitor the content that goes into the different types of content, including photos, videos, and written pieces?


Be inclusive with it all

Inclusivity shouldn’t just mean colour, age, or ethnicity; it’s everything! I want you to think as carefully and as detailed as possible, starting from the colour of the models that go on your page, the language you’re communicating with your audience in, and to the last dot in your captions.

Let your audience and potential new customers see for themselves that you value and appreciate diversity by acknowledging different languages, world events, breaking the standard image of what “normal”, “pretty”, “accepted” looks like. If you have a specific hashtag attached to a campaign, try posting it in a different language! Don’t confine celebrations just to your liking; whether your business is local or national, think about the bigger picture with respect and cultural intelligence.

Embrace criticism and own up to it

Any criticism has difficulty being heard, read, and internalized, and that’s something we can’t control, whether we like it or not.

What you can do is either bottle up with all the negativity and shut down entirely or, you can look at the other half of the cup. You can switch your way of thinking; this feedback can be clear evidence that your digital audience is invested in your business once you embrace that mindset!

It is important to show that you understand your audience’s point of view when they don’t like something and present solutions to it with full pride.

Every business, brand, or campaign is doomed to face a setback in any step of the way. What distinguishes you in the field is how you handle that input from your audience, how you treat this feedback and how it reflects that your team is packed with the right solutions for the challenge at hand and that your community’s concern is well acknowledged and listened to. Remember, it’s all about feeling heard.

Majd Ennab Author
Social Media Executive , Bruce Clay MENA