How to Refresh Your Remarketing Strategy

Posted By on March 9th, 2021 in Pay Per Click

The best audience to use for your sales-focused marketing campaigns is a remarketing audience. Almost always, remarketing strategies convert to better results for your campaign. But what if your remarketing is not working? What happens if your remarketing is generating lower results than your prospecting campaigns?

Using the same remarketing tactics for too long will slowly become ineffective. Here, in this article, we discuss some ideas to refresh your remarketing and bring back quality results from your remarketing campaigns. 


1. Scale To “Sale” 

Sometimes marketing teams strategize their media campaigns in phases. Phase 1 focuses on mass awareness of a product launch. And in phase 2, the focus is to retarget page visitors, from the awareness phase, with persuasive offers.

While this is a solid strategy, going a step further and including more past visitors in phase 2 will make sure more fans of the brand view the captivating ad. Rather than retargeting your past 30-day visitors, extend to the last 60-days or 90-day visitors.

2. Cross-Selling & Up-Selling

Often, remarketing is wasted on people who visited the website, saw the product and decided that this is not what they were looking for.

But as they browse through the web and social media, they are met with more ads of the same product.

In these scenarios, to avoid turning redundant to viewers, a great solution is to use the same remarketing audience for your cross-selling or up-selling goals.

For example, if the dining table in the ad was not precisely what the customer had in mind, they might still be attracted to a dinner set or a colourful painting to fill their new house. Mix cross-selling or up-selling to your website visitors to use every chance of getting a sale. 

3. Exclusions

As campaigns progress, it’s important to exclude remarketing to those who arrived at your e-commerce store and checked out with a purchase. The same ads going back to someone who bought from your ad campaign is wasting marketing budget and will not convert.

As you optimize your remarketing campaigns, up your advertising game by making your ads more targeted. Create and regularly update a list of purchasers and exclude this group from your remarketing. In this way, then refocus your campaign on all the other potential buyers.


4. Targeting Other Engagers

Rather than remarketing only to your website visitors, why not try other engagers of your brand: fans of your video posts, fans of your reels and followers of your IG page.

These are quality engagers that have shown a high level of interest in your brand and are also highly likely to convert when they see a “15% off” remarketed ad. All engagers can and should be retargeted and included in your remarketing.

5. Long-Lost Customers

Remarketing is often planned from a short-term perspective, without realizing the past, long-term benefits. New remarketing ideas concentrate on your most recent, past customers. Those who have your brand fresh in mind.

While these visitors have high intent, past visitors from a long time ago will also have high purchasing intent. Don’t forget they are also people who purchased your products and have favourable opinions of your brand. 

Instead of retargeting your last 30-day users, retarget your previous 1-year visitors. Take, for instance, if we were selling a staycation, reaching out now to customers from 6 months ago is the perfect time for them to plan their next exciting getaway.