How to Gain Loyal Followers on Social Media

Posted By on February 9th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

Focus on your niche 

The first step in building your loyal following base is finding your target audience. To find them, you first need to understand whose problem is your product/content solving. Businesses that tend to target everyone don’t really retain anyone.

By understanding who your target audience is you can know where you can usually find them (which platform are they on, who do they follow) and when are they usually online. What kind of content do they like to see. Once you’ve defined your niche, finding your audience and attracting them will get easier. 


Build a community 

Many business owners use their official pages as a customer service platform, and that is a huge red flag because once your customers receive an answer to their query, they have no reason to stay. Don’t get me wrong; community management and customer support are essential to community building.

However, the key difference here is ‘building’ rather than ‘managing’ a community. Building is a proactive approach to reach and interact with your audience by connecting with them and understanding and responding to their needs rather than reacting. This way, you humanize your brand. Having an emotional connection with your audience is the best way to retain them for a long time.

Social media has given us more insights about our audience than ever before. Giving them a platform to connect, interact, complain, praise and share their thoughts about your product/service is a pivotal way to retain them. 

Create quality content 

Do not compromise on content. Quality content is key to your success and client retention on all social platforms. Building compelling pieces of fun, short, and shareable content is the central pillar of building loyal followership.

Content varies based on the type of service or product you are selling. And the kind of content you need to be sharing/posting comes from what you are trying to sell + what your customers usually consume on social media. Hence why focusing on your niche is essential. 


Don’t bribe users to follow you 

Many businesses tend to gain followers by bribing them into following through pointless competitions and giveaways, and that is anything but sustainable. First of all, you are building a greedy fanbase that mainly follows you for free stuff. Second of all, many of the people that follow may not even be interested in what you’re selling, and they won’t really buy any of your products.

However, competitions are useful to build awareness if your page is new. But they are not a great idea if you want to develop and sustain a loyal customer base. 

Focus on the quality of the customers you retain rather than the numbers

Some pages have over 1 million followers, and an average conversion/engagement rate of less than 0.39% and others have less than 40k followers and over 10% conversion/engagement. The key here is reaching the right customers rather than all customers. 

Overall, there is no shortcut to building a loyal customer/fan base; it is a holistic process that requires time and effort. However, building a healthy online presence with a strong community is key to a sustainable business environment in the modern world.