How Often Should I Post On Social Media?

Posted By on March 29th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing


Social Media will give your business a boost … if done properly. One thing you must consider, is finding the right balance for your social media presence. In other words, posting an adequate amount of posts to connect with your audience without going overboard that you push them to unfollow your account.


This raises a question, what’s the ideal frequency to post on each social media platforms? First off, there’s no such thing as an “ideal” number that would fit all types of accounts. In this article we will learn how to decide for ourselves what works for us.


Here are some points you should consider:

  1. Quality over quantity 
  2. Consistency over frequency 
  3. Focusing on your goal


Quality over quantity

Posting for the sake of connecting with your audience without considering the value you are providing, will always backfire. Your audience follow your account to learn something interesting they would relate to. If you keep posting generic content that does not interest your audience be sure that you will lose them. Also, it’s never about how many posts, I mean look at big brands like Nike.. Nike doesn’t post everyday but when they do, they make sure they add value to their audience. However, if you could maintain a daily dose of worthy content, then do not hesitate to keep the ball rolling. 


Consistency over frequency

Don’t fall into the trap of pushing all your good content day after day, and then sitting back wondering how to keep the momentum going. Instead, you need to always put things into perspective ahead of time. Simply ask yourself a question, how much valuable content do I have this month? Then, after getting clear about that, you know how frequently you could post to be consistent without disregarding the qualitative aspect.


Setting a goal

It’s common sense that one should be working towards achieving a specific goal out of their Social Media posts. Whether its brand awareness, driving traffic to their website, engaging their audience and so on and so forth. However, a lot of people get carried away in the idea of being socially present that they lose their “why”, at this point their efforts are hard to assess which in return makes it hard for them to improve the quality of their posts and the frequency with which they post. Always set a clear goal to be sure that you are actually fulfilling your purpose. 


To sum up, never pressure yourself into posting every single day, thinking that this is your way to a better performance. Put things into perspective and decide for yourself the ideal frequency, stay consistent and move towards a clear goal. 


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