How Display Media Can Help You Improve Your Search?

Posted By on September 16th, 2018 in Pay Per Click

We’re sure you’ve come across conspiracy theories that there are ‘hidden’ text and visual messages in some movies, music videos, and even cartoons. What if we told you that there IS truth to that?

Not to say marketing is conspiring to rule the world with a triangle symbol and one eye or anything, but there is a section in marketing called ‘awareness marketing’. Now, before a consumer or customer can trust a brand and develop brand loyalty, they will need to know about the brand.

Some consumers are more likely to trust brands when they see them more around the internet. Even if a consumer does not know what a certain brand does, they will be able to remember their message, brand name, or overall idea of their marketing campaign – if it was effective enough.

Some brands were so effective in their brand marketing that consumers have replaced the word ‘soda’ with ‘Coke’ and ‘Pepsi’ (depending on the region). Now, we don’t say, “find it on the search engine”; instead, we say, “Google it”.  Similarly, these brands may not have been largely known when they first joined the market, but because people knew their brand, they’ve replaced the very terms of their services or products.

In the Middle East and North Africa, video marketing is incredibly effective. Middle Eastern consumers are more likely to respond to or remember audio-visual ads, such as video-ads on YouTube or Facebook. Many of these ads don’t have to say much about what the brand offers. Instead, the main first approach that video marketers take is creating brand awareness. By reaching a large audience through paid online ads, users are more likely to later remember the brand and search for it. When consumers reach this step, so does your search traffic improve.

Aside from increasing brand awareness, display media has also proven effective with banner ads. Text-heavy banner ads are more cluttered and are unable to provide large messages in such small space. With video, however, you can cover a larger message and express the emotion of the brand efficiently.

In conclusion, advertising through display media on Facebook or YouTube are proven and effective ways of increasing your brand awareness and search traffic. When a user sees your audio-visual ad on Facebook, there is a high possibility that they would search your brand (or at least know of it). By doing this, you succeed in reaching a broad audience, and your search traffic increases.

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