#Hashtagology: A guide that helps you decide the appropriate hashtag category for your social media

Posted By on December 23rd, 2018 in Social Media Marketing

If you’re a social media enthusiast, you already know the importance of a hashtag. We all use them, don’t we? A personal account can enter up to 30 hashtags but if you’re a business, tossing 30 hashtags per post may not be such a great idea. Infact, understanding your goal and using appropriate hashtags that highlight your goal may be more fruitful.  

For those of you who don’t know, hashtags are extremely important because they make your content discoverable and make you reach out to people you may have never targeted or reached out to before. So, if you’re wondering what to hashtag, #followus to learn more.  

Listed below are some of the most common hashtag categories that are worth considering. Understand where your brand fits in and come with a suitable hashtag accordingly.  

1) Branded Hashtag:  

A hashtag that’s unique to your company is known as a branded hashtag. It can be as simple as your company name or something that defines your brand identity. Ensure it is short, sweet, and easy to spell. This should always be a tag your customers remember so they can use it on various social media sites and interact with you.  

2) Content Hashtags:  

This hashtag highlights the items in your post instead of defining your business and its objectives. They are common hashtags that describe your post content and improve the SEO of your posts. They make your post reach out to a lot of people who may be using the same hashtag as you at that time.  

3) Campaign Hashtags:  

These hashtags are campaign-specific. Depending on your current marketing campaign, use a word or phrase that describes your campaign and is unique to you. These hashtags allow your customers to engage with your campaign and also create awareness to other customers about your campaign.  

4) Niche Hashtags:  

A niche hashtag is used for a certain group of like-minded people that need to be targeted with your hashtag. For example: #TravelTuesday can be used by travel enthusiasts who have travel photos to share every Tuesday.  

5) Trending Hashtags:  

These are hashtags that become extremely popular on social media. People use these hashtags in the moment to talk about what’s happening at this very moment. Though they are hashtags that people talk about at a particular time, they keep changing in real-time. By using these hashtags, you can make your message reach out to a massive audience.  For example, #Christmas is sure to be trend every 25th December as people all over the world post pictures of their celebrations.

6) Event Hashtags 

Event-specific hashtags are the coolest part of your content. Whether it’s a global event or a local one, a well-known event or a private product launch – event tie-ins are a great way to reach out to people. If your business is participating in any event or has something to say about a particular event, use the event hashtag to spread the word.  

7) Location Hashtags 

Want to connect with consumers in your vicinity? Geo-targeted hashtags are your friends! They help to connect with people in your area and make your business known in the city. For example: If you hashtag the name of your town, it will help you interact with potential customers who are also using the same hashtag in and around your area.  

Deciding an appropriate hashtag depends on your business goal. Ask yourself who are you trying to reach out to? Who is your desired target audience?  

And, always remember to use hashtags to:  

  • Reach out to your desired audience 
  • Build brand image and loyalty 
  • Create awareness about your business or marketing campaign  
  • Catch real-time trending topics

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