Google Updates Phrase and Broad Match Modified Keywords

Posted By on March 1st, 2021 in Pay Per Click

Google recently announced changes to the phrase and broad match modifier keyword type. Now, phrase match terms will be able to capture extra traffic. This expansion will trigger additional clicks from the broad match modifier pool. As per Google’s example, the new/updated phrase match types will attract traffic from BMM terms.


This new transformation has been rolled out on February 21. New BMM keywords will not be available by July 21; however, the existing ones will start serving with new behaviour. The keyword will trigger multiple signals like – landing page content, ad group keywords etc., to deliver relevant searches. Keywords are more structured now, and the exact match type will be prioritized since it specifies the search query identical to the keyword.

We’ve observed over the years that the Google ad ecosystem has become more automated, and advertisers have less control. This update is also focused on the same lines. Also, the change in match type can save a lot of time for the advertising team as it saves a lot of time to manage keywords. The calibration phase for new advertisers will be a bit longer as the keyword traffic will observe fluctuations. The existing performance data will remain as is, and there won’t be significant changes. However, the advertisers will have to create new keywords for the updated match type to capture a higher voice share. This update will affect the campaigns structured on match types as their spends will increase.

Additionally, there are other options available for advertisers. Dynamic search ads appropriately structured and layered with smart bidding can drive better performance. Google is also advising the advertisers to apply the ad account’s recommendations, e.g., pausing duplicate keywords in the ad account and tailoring the keyword pool.

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