Emotional Copywriting 101

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Posting on social media is easy, but if you really want to do it right then you need to know how to craft the perfect copy and caption then BAM! YOU GOT IT!

But how can you make your copy stand out? How a millennial like me doesn’t scroll past your post?

It’s all about communications and feelings. Making people feel something down their spine. Without “words”, there would be no communication or a way for people to connect to your brand and it is up to you to keep them connected!

1. Listen to your audience

First things first, you must know who your audience are.

We all get annoyed when that one friend just keeps talking about themselves and doesn’t ask about us or how our day has been, it’s the same while building an online community for your brand!

You need to know what concerns them, what do they expect from you? Why should they read your posts, buy your product, or engage with your content? and how can you change their minds?

It all starts with listening, then the ideas keep on coming.

2. People buy experiences, not products

Most brands tend to assume that there’s this deep and complicated thinking process that happens before buying when, as humans we’re simple. We buy stuff because they make us feel good, it might be the color of the packaging or a smell that brought back a million memories. It’s really that simple.

This is the reason why emotional copywriting is essential and once you get that into your communication mix, you’ll get amazed by the results!

Here are few emotional copy words to help you kick off:

Remarkable, wanted, wonderful, professional, interesting, guaranteed, unique, secrets, special, scarce, expert, strong, immediately, destiny, outstanding, powerful, and ultimate.

3. Use neuro copywriting tactics and phono semantics

One of my favorite copywriters is Joe Sugarman! He has explained the psychological effect of particular words and sounds to the human brain, when used in a definite order and in the right place, they’re basically a mental hook for your readers!

Keep reading to know how to use these tactics:

  • Avoid weak adverbs and use active verbs only.
  • Add beneficial adjectives and odd numbers (surprisingly, these get a better response)
  • Choose phonemes to trigger desirable emotions from your readers.
  • Consider stylistic devices like metaphors, repetition, and contrast.

4. Mix it up a bit

Just like in relationships, you don’t want to bore who you’re with and the same goes to your brand. Make sure to include a contest on your social media from time to time to engage with the audience or send out giveaways!

The main objective here is to stir away from the routine to grab the attention of your readers and remind them that you’re there, through emotional copywriting. I believe this is an essential part to start building trust and a healthy online community.

Majd Ennab Author
Social Media Executive , Bruce Clay MENA