Benefits of Video in Your Social Strategy

Posted By on August 12th, 2018 in Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a part of many people’s routines. Some have regarded the medium as a source of procrastination, while others deem it a necessity in keeping in touch with their friends and family.

From a business standpoint, we want to grab a user’s attention, if only for 30 seconds, from the array of content they consume while scrolling down their social media feed.

A way to grab a potential customer’s attention for more than 30 seconds is by using video.

Video in your social media strategy is considered essential. Likewise, with static images, a video is more engaging than still images. A Forbes article stated that Facebook generates over 8 billion views on video daily. According to the same article, a video is expected to account for 80% for all consumer internet traffic. This is not surprising as movement, sound, and emotion can all be communicated elaborately through video, compared to other media.

We have three more reasons to add video to your social media strategy.

1. More Information, Less Time

You can deliver a substantial amount of information in a video compared to an image. Addedly, more people are inclined to watch a quick video than go through the effort of reading long content on social media, even on a platform like Facebook (where long content is not uncommon). According to research by HubSpot, 53% of people want to see more video content from marketers.

2. Higher Online Engagement

It wouldn’t take you much time to scroll your Facebook feed now and find a video – maybe even as soon as you log in. Video is Facebook’s favourite, being one of the top content types shared daily. On Twitter, more than 700 videos are being shared every single minute. Users are more likely to engage with video by commenting and sharing with friends. With this, you have more brand exposure and higher online engagement.

3. Video Builds Loyalty

Social media reaches out to the consumer – without any strings attached. Brand loyalty is one of the fundamental concepts of marketing, and that applies to social media marketing as well.

More follows, more likes, and more shares usually means likeable content. The more likeable the content is to the users, the higher the engagement, and the higher the brand loyalty.

Once brand loyalty is developed, ROI doesn’t just increase but it also stays steady. A video, unlike wordy text posts, builds trust. Instead of trying to ‘sell’ people a product with wordy posts, potential customers are offered valuable content through video.

This type of valuable content is retained in the memory. Video blogging on YouTube is a job to many – what once did not exist less than 20 years ago is a professional career. With millions of followings, these vloggers saw an untouched market and utilised it to accordingly, building a brand and a loyal fanbase.

With these three significant benefits of video in mind, make sure you add ‘some video’ to your social media strategy! Adding valuable content for your customers and building brand loyalty will lead to higher engagement rates for your social strategy, thereby improving your ROI. #Go_Video!

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