Ask Us Anything! New Bruce Clay Video Series Answers Your Digital Marketing Questions

Posted By on July 17th, 2018 in Digital News

Digital marketing is tough. Anyone who wants to improve a website and raise its visibility in search knows that.

As a marketer or business owner, you have to make about a zillion decisions for your website along the way to prominence and profitability.

Naturally, questions come up that you need help answering. And you might not have the luxury of an expert at your beck and call.

Since articles and experts abound in digital marketing, it’s hard to know what answers to trust. That’s especially true with SEO questions.

Advice you find around the web may be conflicting, outdated, or just plain impractical.

So for marketers who are trying to figure out how to do search engine optimization, content marketing, PPC, search engine marketing, or social media marketing on their own, we would like to help clear up the confusion.

Announcing our new “Ask Us Anything” video series on YouTube!

Bruce Clay Ask Us Anything Video Series

Get answers from knowledgeable BCI team members (pictured: Bruce Clay and Virginia Nussey)

To answer your digital marketing questions, we’re launching a new video series.

Do you have a question about SEO, PPC, content, social marketing, or the intersections between them?

We invite you to submit your question here:

Answers You Can Watch

To prime the pump so to speak, we filmed answers to some of the questions that we hear from blog readers, clients, and students in our SEO training courses.

Visit the Bruce Clay, Inc. YouTube channel and you’ll find many videos already queued up in our Ask Us Anything playlist!

Samples of Q&A topics that are ready to watch include:

Everyone Appreciates Answers that Get to the Point

Brief is best when it comes to video answers.

You might be struggling to decide a particular optimization issue. For example, should you use heading tags in your navigation menus? Yes or no?

When you’re unsure what to do, it can hold up your projects. At times like these, you just need a best-practice answer.

That’s why we keep the “Ask Us Anything” videos focused and brief. (Here’s that answer, in case you’re curious.)

Each video answers a specific SEO or digital marketing question in about two minutes. According to one commenter, the short length is the best part:

“I’ve watched every one of your AUA vids. I like that you keep them short and have multiple people answering Q’s. Keep ’em coming…”

When you submit a question, we will:

  1. Quickly determine whether it’s something we can answer. (We don’t guarantee we’ll answer every question.)
  2. Choose the best person to answer it — from Bruce Clay himself to the many experienced, knowledgeable members of our team.
  3. Film away!
  4. Notify you by email if we post a video that answers your question.

The main goal of our “Ask Us Anything” videos is to provide reliable answers to SEO questions and other issues facing digital marketers.

Helping you understand the best practices better means that you can do your job more efficiently — with better results.

We hope you enjoy watching, learning, and getting your questions answered in our new video series!

Please subscribe to Bruce Clay Inc.’s channel and watch all of our video answers. And go ahead: Ask us anything!

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