9 Strange Schema Tags You May Have Not Heard About

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We all try to make our websites stand out in one way or another. Schema tags/markups are a great way to place yourself apart from other SEO competitors. Schemas help provide context to some otherwise ambiguous content.

Here are some of the strangest types of schema markups we have come across.


1. COVID Testing Facility Schema

A new strain of Coronavirus known as Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) may cause illness in animals or humans. Coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections in humans, ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

medical health care professional holding covid-19 swab for testing facility

COVID-19 testing is regarded as one of the most effective ways of minimising the spread of the virus. Facilities and laboratories have opened up all over the world to mitigate the spread of the virus and reduce the overall number of active cases.

Schema.org defines a COVID testing facility as a clinic where testing for COVID-19 is available. If the relevant testing is available in a pharmacy, hotel or any non-medical facility, schema.org recommends listing the different types of markups.


2. Driving School Vehicle Usage Schema

Many driving schools go through various kinds of vehicles every year, and to keep up with demand and safety standards, they face immense turnover year on year. Here in the UAE, driving schools are now offering premium luxury vehicles as an option as well.

luxury cars aligned behind each other

Driving school vehicle usage schema markup indicates if a particular vehicle was used for special purposes. Legislation in many countries requires the disclosure of this information when the relevant vehicles are being put up for sale.


3. Government Permit Schema

With restrictions in place all over the world at the moment, permits are required for everything, from air travel to food service and delivery.

The government permit schema markup can be used for any organisation issuing any type of permit. Typically, this schema markup can be implemented on government or authority websites that require an application to be filled out to avail a particular service.


4. Gated Residence Community Schema

The convenience of city life, with the serenity of suburbia – gated communities are the new lifestyle choice for many young professionals. Gated communities are a form of residential communities or housing estates containing strictly controlled entrances for pedestrians and vehicles, some even having their own jogging or cycling paths. 

Gated Residence Community schema markup can be used by developers looking to showcase their latest and greatest developments. Allowing search engines to display the relevant information in an easy to digest format.


5. Investment Fund Schema

An investment fund is defined as a large pool of money that a number of investors contribute towards. This money is then used to invest in stocks, bonds or other assets.

over shoulder view stock broker trading

Firms aimed at investing can leverage the investment fund schema in order to outline the annual percentage rate, commission, and interest rate.


6. Motorized Bicycle Schema

No, it isn’t what you think it is. The motorized bicycle schema isn’t used for a motorbike; instead it is used specifically for a bicycle powered by a motor attached to it to either run by itself or assist with pedalling – if you’re bothered to pedal at all. Talk about being specific – weird.

This kind of schema can be used in conjunction with product schemas as they outline the specifications of a particular motorized bicycle but not the price itself.


7. Mortgage Loan Schema

One of the most popular types of loans available from financial institutions, mortgage loans are available to secure real estate to anyone with a decent credit score and the ability to pay the lender consistently.

Mortgage loan schema can be used by financial institutions looking to showcase their attractive offerings on search engines. The schema includes information about the amount itself and whether the mortgage is renegotiable or not.


8. Vein Schema

With the roll-out of EAT, and Google paying substantial attention to relevance and accuracy in the medical field, it’s no surprise that there are an immense number of medical type schemas.

However one of the more weird schemas include veins which outline the anatomical structure specifically. The application of this schema can vary from writing a simple blog post about human anatomy or posting a peer-reviewed medical research journal online.


9. Catholic Church Schema

Last but not the least, one of the stranger schema types available is the catholic church schema. What makes it strange is the particular reference to a specific type of Christian church as opposed to other religious places of worship available on schema.org.

Strange as it is, this schema doesn’t mark up any particular data apart from the church’s opening hours.


If you’re looking for a schema generator, check out our tool to help you create an error-free JSON-LD tag to implement in your HTML source code.


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