7 Reasons Why You Should Hire An SEO Agency For Your Website

Posted By on March 27th, 2019 in Search Engine Optimisation

1.    Get Organic Traffic on Pages

Organic visits are the best when it comes to conversion. Users can find your website on Google search only if it is properly optimized. An SEO optimized page can rank on Google faster as compared to websites which are not optimized. A well-established SEO agency can help your pages get indexed and rank well on Google, thereby increasing traffic on targeted pages.

2.    Free Website Audit

Top SEO agencies, including Bruce Clay MENA, provide free SEO audits! These audits can give a clear picture of technical faults, ranking positions, efforts required to fix them and other detailed information about your websites. Thus, enabling you to plan your SEO budget and time/effort required.

3.    Save Time

Most digital heads or company owners have a lot of marketing activities to look after, which means SEO as a channel sometimes gets ignored. This, in turn, means the website’s SEO traffic doesn’t grow and in the long run their competitors take-up top positions on search. Hiring an agency at the early stages helps businesses get the best SEO efforts applied on their website and thereby enables the business heads/owners to focus more on other digital marketing activities.

4.    Save Money on Employees and Tools

Running a successful SEO campaign means hiring top SEO specialists and buying expensive tools. You’ll be paying more on hiring people, salaries, benefits & trying various tools before you make your final purchase. By hiring an SEO agency, you only pay for their service and the rest is taken care of by the agency. Top agencies should already have premium tools at their disposal and professionals who know how to get the best out of them.

5.    Skills and Knowledge

Although your internal team may have some SEO knowledge, an established SEO company can help you succeed when it comes to your campaign goals. An SEO companies skills and knowledge of the latest trends can get the best SEO strategy implemented on your website and their experience of working on various websites across various industries gives them an edge to deliver top results.

6.    Better Return on Investment

A successful SEO campaign not only involves rankings and traffic, but it also involves bringing in the right type of users to your website. Putting efforts into landing page optimization will help users convert to customers. As a result, SEO delivers higher conversion compared to paid marketing. Plus, the SEO traffic and rankings sustain for a longer period, giving you a higher return on investment. 

7.    SEO Companies Get the Best Results

Even though you may be a big brand, but you may not rank well on Google. We have seen smaller websites beat established brands on SERP’s due to the SEO efforts they put in. When an experienced SEO agency works on your website, you will get better organic traction for not only your brand keywords but also generic keywords related to your business. They will target the right mix of keywords to grow SEO visits and thereby increase revenue for your business.