7 key components that make a good digital marketing campaign

Posted By on October 9th, 2018 in Digital News

A successful marketing campaign is one that is planned well. But mind you, planning a campaign is no cake walk. It requires countless hours of hard work, attention to detail, brainstorming sessions, unlimited research and several cups of coffee. It’s like a puzzle that can only be solved once you have all the pieces in place, together.  

Confused how to plan your marketing campaign? Let us help you. Here are a few top-findings to keep in mind when working on your strategy:

1. Decide your audience 

This is probably the first and most important thing to keep in mind. Decide exactly who you’re marketing to and define your demographic. Who do you want to appeal to? The more narrowly you define your audience, the easier it will be for you to determine your strategy. Determine their likes, dislikes, location, age, gender, industry and then question why they would purchase your product or service? You can decide how you want to reach out to them and offer only those products and services that you know are based on their requirements.  

2. Set your goals and objectives:  

Every successful marketing campaign should have a set of well-defined, quantifiable goals and objectives. Ask yourself who is your target audience, what do you want to achieve, which marketing channels do you want to use and more. Once you have these jotted down, identify your main objective and plan your strategy towards it. For instance, your goal might be to sell 20 products per week or to increase sales by 15% per month.  

3. Determine your offer:  

In order for a product or service to be purchasable, it must have certain unique elements that capture one’s attention. This is where brands need to wear their creative hats. Introduce various offers and discounts that attract people to you. Considering the competition in today’s marketplace, a brand needs to get really creative with their offerings and also keep in mind how it will impact the business. Always ensure you give more attention to and offer more to those who are interested. No matter how fabulous your offer may be, not everyone on your list will buy. So, pique interest, create curiosity and give people a reason to ask for more information by creating offers that are unique and unmissable.  

4. Content:  

Your content has to be attractive, relevant and informative enough to grab your audience’s attention. But not just that, your content must also be able to deliver your message to your target audience efficiently and effectively. Ensure it provides them with enough facts and figures and responses to all their queries and concerns. Also, if your content is visually appealing, it’s easier to comprehend. Make use of infographics, case studies, visually appealing images. You can also use relevant call-to-actions as they create curiosity and direct customers to the landing page.  

5. Identify your channel:  

Now that you have your audience, goals, objectives and content in place, focus on choosing the right marketing channel to deliver your message. Also, keep in mind your customers tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes and geographical location while deciding on a channel. Be it SEO, PPC or Social Media – your channel will help offer maximum reach to your brand and deliver the right message to the right audience, in turn ensuring you successfully reach your campaign goals. So, make sure you choose your channel correctly, keeping in mind your campaign objectives and ultimate goal.  

  • SEO: 

    Creating great content, using attractive images is one part of the strategy, but you want it to be found.  There are 160+ billion monthly Google searches that take place so it is important for companies to ensure they are visible on search engines. In case you’re wondering how that’s possible, SEO is the answer. An effective SEO strategy is one of the key components of a digital marketing campaign as it helps you align with keywords that in turn help you reach your target audience. 97% people research products, brands and companies online before making purchases so it is important to reach out to those people. With appropriate content, images, videos and keywords, one can easily make it to the top of a search engine.  

  • PPC:

    An effective SEM strategy helps generate great results for campaigns by optimising landing pages for organic and paid searches. PPC, which is just as important as SEO and Social Media, helps create awareness, improves engagement and conversion rates. It has immense measuribility in terms of ROI as all you have to do is pay per click by assigning a direct cost of each visit to your website. It’s also an excellent tool that enables businesses to improve their positioning on search pages by pushing their profiles out everywhere. With pre-decided daily budgets and Keyword biddings, you can keep a track on your spendings and ensure you achieve maximum results within your budget with paid campaigns.

  • Social Media Management: 

    According to recent stats, approximately 99.26% of people in the UAE are active on social media. This means having an effective social media strategy is just as important as any other point listed above. There’s no better way of reaching out to a large audience than promoting yourself on social media. It’s the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to convey a message to an audience that includes current and prospective customers. With the use of attractive images and engaging content, you can create awareness about your product / service. A company’s social media presence shows customers how active the brand is. This has the power to increase visibility, build relationships, connect with all kinds of people and in turn build customer loyalty.

6. Measurability: 

You know what’s the best part about having a digital marketing campaign? The fact that it is completely measurable. You can measure your performance and efficiency with the help of Analytics. Several analytics tools can help you analyze and measure your performance through social channels, blogs, websites and paid promotions. It is extremely important to measure your campaign performance as it will help you decide what works and what doesn’t. By doing this, you can also improve your performance and in turn, generate more leads.

7. Consistency 

Consistency is key for a digital marketing campaign. It is extremely important to be consistent across all channels as this will ensure your target audience actually receives your message and doesn’t just see it. Your content must all have continuity so it’s easy to comprehend and relate to. A campaign with no consistency will surely prevent you from reaching your objectives.

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