6 Social Media Ideas for a Fresh Instagram Page

Posted By on February 2nd, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

The most challenging part of managing any Social Media account is coming up with new ideas. Account managers are expected to juggle multiple brands’ social presence and keep them current with creative posts. It’s sometimes a challenge, especially after looking after the account for a long period of time. Your followers are always looking for new content, and you’re expected to deliver on a regular basis.


And that’s how some fall in the trap of recycling old posts that their followers are tired of seeing. That’s why you need to have many social media ideas lined up for the entire year. Here are six suggestions to keep your Social Media game strong and fresh every time.

1. Create a weekly or monthly series

Start a posts series where you have the opportunity to engage with your followers and have them look forward to this specific time of the week/month. This can be anything from #Tipofthemonth #SundayFunday to #TuesdayTruthDay #WeeklyQuiz etc. This will give you plenty of room to play around with the post, and your followers will love these unique segments too.

2. Run a giveaway or contest

People can’t resist a ‘freebie.’ Having a giveaway is one of the most impactful social media ideas when it comes to engagement and growing your follower base. According to data from Tailwind, accounts that run contests or giveaways on a regular basis ought to grow 70% faster than those that don’t.

3. Conduct a social media takeover

This is a tried and tested method that we do for many of our clients, and it’s always a hit. Sometimes fresh blood is precisely what the page needs and handing over your account to a specialist or an influencer is the best thing you could do.

Takeovers usually take place on stories and last 24 hours. It’s a great opportunity to show your brand to some new faces that follow that influencer/celebrity and give you fresh content and a chance to gain some of their followers.


4. Post more videos!

Yes! You read that, right! It may be common sense to diversify your content, but some brands mainly stick to statics as they are easier to create. However, video content gets substantially more shares and views. It also allows you to flaunt your creativity and come up with new ideas more easily.

5. Give followers the spotlight

You often reshare and repost your followers, but how about going a step further and making it all about them? After all, the page is nothing without its followers.

Starting a new campaign to thank your followers is a simple tactic to get them feeling appreciated and seen.

For example, you could start #followeroftheweek where you monitor which follower engages with you the most and have a dedicated post about him/her. Depending on what your brand offers, you can even give them a voucher/freebie of some sort.

This will help build a strong relationship between you and your followers and encourage future engagement, which we are all after at the end of the day.

6. Jump on the latest trends

There is always a way to join the trend and make it relevant to your brand, whether it’s the elections, new technology or any substantial event. This gives you content when you least expect it. Just stay alert and be quick on your feet to post quickly when it’s still relevant to keep the conversation going.

Implementing some of these ideas can help you keep your page interesting and engaging enough for your old followers and new. Let us know which tip is your favourite one and contact us to learn more about our Social Media Services!

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