5 ways to keep your clients satisfied!

Posted By on September 15th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

Everyone knows how important it is as employees of an agency to keep clients happy. Happy clients reflect the reputation of the agency, and trust us.. word spreads fast! Which is a win win situation for both clients and the agency.

Some might think that satisfying each and every client is impossible! However, there are a few things you can do to make that happen. Read our tips !

1- Respond Promptly

This is a very important factor when it comes to satisfying clients. No client ever wants to send an email, drop a message or make a call and receive no answer “especially when it’s a concern or urgent request” . Clients like to feel that they are given 100% attention when it comes to reaching out to their agency. Remember, clients don’t care about what you are going through back at the office. They don’t care if you’re juggling 1,2 or 10 clients at the same time, to them they need you to be available whenever they need to communicate. So here’s a small note: make sure to respond to requests as soon as you can, even if the action might take time, make sure to let them know that their request is well received, noted, and under process. This will always calm them down and make them happy.

2- Don’t agree to everything

You might think by saying yes to every client request is a great way to keep your client happy. Make note of this: yes clients will be happy when you say yes to most of their requests.. as the account manager, that is your job. However, imagine saying yes to things that don’t make sense just to satisfy your client.. in this case even if you do it and the results turn out bad, it will be your fault as an agency that you didn’t advise them otherwise. You should always let clients feel like they are in safe hands, advise them nicely if something they are requesting wouldn’t be a good thing to go with and explain why. Keep in mind you are the person with experience here, so embrace it and let the client feel like you know what your doing.

3- Communicate regularly

Keeping a close relationship with the client by communicating on regular basis is a very important and easy way to keep your clients satisfied. This can be a weekly call that you have with the client, in these weekly calls you can talk about current situation of tasks, upcoming tasks, or if there is nothing to discuss at all just make small talks with the client around how their weekend went or any other life situations. This call will give the client the feeling that they are a priority for you and that you make sure to spare time for them throughout your busy week. This call also avoids problems to happen or solve them before they become bigger. Mark your schedules for your clients and make sure they are happy!

4- NEVER miss deadlines

What can be more worse than missing a deadline? An unhappy client! Never promise the client with something that won’t be delivered within the promised period. No one likes to wait for something that they don’t end up receiving, so make sure that you give your clients reasonable and realistic submission deadlines. If something requires time, let it be.. explain how much time the requested task would take and why it would take this amount of time to deliver, explain the process and execution of the task for them to understand the reason behind setting such submission date. No matter how efficient you are with submitting tasks on time, just one little deadline missed will ruin everything. The client doesn’t care about the past, they care about receiving what they requested for at the time you promised.

5- Be friendly

Working at an agency, under so much pressure is something only agency employees would know. You would have tons of deadlines to meet and tasks to complete and submit within only 8 hours. You get stressed with the amount of requests, amends, and endless unread emails. All the above mentioned stress needs to be put aside when communicating with the client. When you receive a call, make sure you answer with a smile on your face it automatically gives you a friendly tone. When you receive an annoying email, calm down and read the email twice before replying to it. On a final note; Treat your client as your friend but professionally.