5 ways to generate more engagement on social media

Posted By on July 30th, 2018 in Social Media Marketing

Engagement is king!

Content engagement has dropped by 50% over the last three years and we know as marketeers you must be struggling, so here are 5 simple tips to help you engage your audiences!

  1. Ask for feedback

Asking your audience to vote using a poll can help you gain insights into the kind of content they are interested in seeing as well as purchasing. This can be done by simply running an Instagram insta-story with a poll and asking your followers to choose or by using the “ask me anything” feature which can help you understand what information your customers seek about you.

  1. Capitalizing on User Generated Content

Recognizing your fans/followers can have a huge positive impact on engagement. Running a campaign that encourages your audiences to participate by sharing a photo and sharing their content onto your pages can make the users feel valued and appreciated, this also helps build a great relationship with your followers which then converts them into advocates for your brand.

  1. Switch it up!

Not every post will see the same response across platforms or across audiences. Videos might get the most impressions but that does not necessarily mean they get the highest engagement as audiences see it more as a show rather than a conversation. It is important to understand who your audiences are and try to deliver engaging content through different types of posts such as: Static, GIFs, Video, quotes, infographics and surveys! Test different types of posts on different platforms to see what works and make sure you keep switching it up, so your audiences don’t get bored!

  1. Be relevant!

Although planning a content calendar is very important, it is imperative that we also react to news or announcements as and when they happen. Having a planned post does not necessarily mean that it must go out on that day, especially if something more relevant pops up. You need to ensure that your social media marketing is reactive to what is happening around you.

  1. Be active, be available

People want to be acknowledged and want to be heard. It is not only necessary to respond quickly to negative feedback, it is just as important to respond to positive feedback. Responding to comments, queries or complaints allows the commenters to be heard and feel valued and appreciated. A very angry complaint can be simply solved with a quick response with the right tone of voice and messaging. For this, is important that the community manager has a great understanding of the brand and the tone of voice.

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