5 Ways Social Media Helps Your SEO Efforts

Posted By on February 25th, 2019 in Search Engine Optimisation

Below are the ways Social Media Optimization can benefit your SEO:

Social media optimization is regarded as a brilliant inbound strategy that attracts visitors naturally. Although they may not directly impact SEO rankings; however, creating a strong brand presence and quality content can help your SEO efforts in the long run.

1. Building Social Backlinks

Social media platforms are great tools for creating high-quality no-follow links. Social Media helps websites diversify their external links, creating more authority in the eyes of Google. Social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. provide great visibility and opportunity to target different type of audience by creating engaging content. And when these posts go viral, the surge in sharing helps in ranking boost for your content.

2. Driving More Traffic To The Website

Posting valuable content on regular basis on social media platforms can increase your clicks to your website. With every share you get on Facebook or retweets on Twitter, your chances of getting free click only increases as these posts are served to more audiences. Using these organic clicks from various social websites, your authority in the eyes of Google increases. For e-commerce websites, social sites like Facebook can drive decent conversions too!

3. Creating Brand Awareness

As of the second quarter of 2018, Facebook had 2.23 billion monthly active users. For twitter, 336 million users were active for first quarter of 2018. These stats clearly suggest the importance of these platforms for brand awareness. With the increase of branding and engagement on social sites, your brand searches on Google increases too. In some cases, these helps in improvement in CTR too as user are aware of the brand and may have engaged with them on social platforms.

4. Influencing Search Results

At time, indexing of pages by Google may take some time depending on your websites authority, content quality, content freshness etc. This process may get frustration for some websites as thousands of pages are produced or modified on daily basis. Social media websites act as excellent catalysts to make this process a bit faster. With social websites like Twitter, due to heavy engagement and Google indexing their hashtags URLs, the chances of your content getting indexed improve.

5. Social Media Profiles on SERP

Google has started displaying social handles of brands on popular social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Using these platforms effectively, the likelihood of users coming to your website increases as these results eat up the remaining ranking positions on first page, thereby reducing the chances of clicks going to competitor websites. You simply need to be active on most social media websites, getting verified and using proper brand name so that the social profile URL includes your brand name. Example: facebook.com/apple

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