5 User-Friendly and Free SEO Tools to Improve your Website’s Performance

Posted By on September 3rd, 2020 in Search Engine Optimisation

Most essential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices and day-to-day activities can be performed efficiently and easily with the help of the right SEO tools! Instead of completing repetitive tasks that can take time and effort, some SEO tools will help you get the same job done quicker and smarter. There is always a tool out there that can help you, but sometimes it can be daunting to find the good one or to decide if some paid tools are within your budget or not. Here is a list of free SEO tools designed by Bruce Clay MENA to meet all your basic needs when working on boosting your website’s performance!


Website Technical Audit Tool for Technical Optimization

Some back-end factors and technical aspects like hosting, page load speed, indexing and redirects can have a significant effect on your website’s SEO performance. If you don’t know what any of these are, don’t worry, the tool will give you a brief description and other additional sources to help you understand. These technical issues can directly influence your site’s speed, leading to increased bounce rates, lower time on page and other negative impacts related to key ranking metrics that search engines use.

Using this tool will help you determine if any website implementation issues are standing in the way of your organic search traffic. It will also give you easy to follow tips and recommendations on how to solve these problems that you uncovered through the quick technical SEO audit tool.

Schema Generator Tool: Structure Data Markup

Another free SEO tool that will make your life so much easier as an SEO expert or beginner is the Schema.org structured data generator. Schema.org is a semantic vocabulary of tags which help improve the way search engines navigate and represent your page on search engine result pages (SERPs). The tool supports creating JSON-LD markups in a straightforward process. The result, which is the structured data, is the code you will add to your website’s pages to communicate its content to search engine crawl bots, who then can display your content in relevant and useful approaches.

As a business using this tool, you can markup your products, location, events, opening hours, customer reviews and many more. The tool allows you to generate markups for 13 markup categories including events, recipes, products, local businesses, job postings, medical publications and articles. To implement the generated markup, you can use Google’s webmaster tools; Structured Data Markup Helper and Google Search Console’s Data Highlighter. Another way is to add the markup directly to the HTML code to your pages.

Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

The mobile-friendliness test tool will help you evaluate your site’s mobile-friendliness by checking your site’s pages using Google’s API. A mobile-friendly website is a prerequisite for decent SEO performance, especially nowadays. Recently, most website visits and traffic are via smartphones, driving Google to adopt mobile-first indexation. This means that the search engine is predominantly using the mobile version of your website for ranking and indexation.

The mobile-friendly test tool is very quick and straightforward; it will help you spot website pages that are not optimized for mobile access, hence, hindering your SEO ranking success. Just insert the URL of the web page you want to test, and the tool will recognize and flag any mobile usability issues that exist in less than a minute.


Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) Simulation Tool

Our free SERP simulation tool is an excellent way for you to check how your pages appear among search results before even publishing them and requesting their indexation. The tool will let you check if your search result has all the necessary information to stand out on result pages. You can check how your page’s URL, meta description and title tag appear, enabling you to edit them as you see fit and see how these changes will reflect. You can also fetch an already published existing page that might need improvement by simply entering the URL.

Local Search Results Checker

Search results can vary based on user’s search habits, the type of device one’s using, location and language. If your business operates in different countries, you will need to make sure you’re analyzing and tracking your performance against the same results that your customers are seeing when searching from these locations. A basic search using the keywords you’re targeting can never guarantee that, but a simple and free SEO tool can! To get an accurate and comprehensive picture of your rankings across various locations, you can use a local rank tracker. It will help you track location-specific rankings for the keywords you’re trying to rank for. The tool takes into account the user’s location to help you track your performance in localized SERPs.

Many people still do it the old fashioned way: changing Google search settings and adjusting the region or using a VPN service. A tool, however, is way more efficient and simple. Our free local search results checker allows you to specify country, city and language to observe your rankings for specific keywords in certain locations.

Check more free SEO tools here and learn more about your website’s performance and how to win at SEO by reaching out to us for a professional SEO audit for free!

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