5 Tips to Step up Your Social Media Game

Posted By on July 14th, 2020 in Social Media Marketing

Social Media can be very daunting, competitive and tricky, and sometimes we try so hard, yet, in the wrong direction, so it backfires. Here are some simple tips that you could follow to step up your social media game without feeling overwhelmed.

When designing a visual, think of the message you’re trying to convey.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the video craze, we see other accounts continually posting videos and boom, all we want to do more of is videos just to keep up. And while videos are a great way to deliver a message, we could easily get too caught up in the visual that the message gets lost!

Instead, before you rush into making a fancy, over-the-top graphic video, take a moment to stop and think; is it supporting my message? Or shall I keep it for another one? Sometimes, a simple static design is much more effective in conveying a specific message than a video ever would.

Don’t get too obsessed with your competition.

While keeping an eye on what others are doing is an excellent strategy to expand your visual library and keep up with new trends, you should always remember not to get too caught up in it. What works for them might not exactly work for you, so check and evaluate before you try it for yourself.


Keep your audience in mind.

This point is sort of an extension to the previous tip. You have to remember who you’re catering to. So if you choose to copy a particular trend, think about how your audience would react to it, then tweak and fine-tune it to suit their taste. Make sure you only put things that both align with your brand and what it stands for, and match your audience’s palette.

Be authentic

Having your own identity and individuality on social media is so important. It makes you seem more real and genuine to people, even if you’re a clothing brand or a restaurant. Having your own identity, your own story, your own vision and sticking to it, makes it easier for people to like you and relate to you. Which helps them remember you if they’re talking to a friend about workout clothes and where to buy the best brand for durability, if that’s you, they’ll most likely remember you and recommend you to their friends too.

Engage your audience more

Engagement is something everyone enjoys, be it a quick poll on a story or asking your followers to tag you in a photo/video doing a workout wearing your new clothes line. Or it could be a small competition of inviting their friends to like your page and tagging their friends in a post for a chance to win a new set of workout clothes. Whatever type of engagement posts you choose, engaging your audience is a fun and easy way to gain more followers and boost your reach without necessarily having to pay anything. Well, maybe just that giveaway you decided to do but… it’s worth it.


It’s a much better way to gain attraction than just a paid ad. As a follower, I’d much rather follow a page I’m interested in that -bonus- gives me a chance of winning or playing a fun game every once in a while, than one that just popped up on my feed as a sponsored ad. While both are great ways of increasing your following, I personally believe engaging audience and making them feel like they’re part of a “family” or community enhances the chances of them feeling loyalty towards your brand.

Well, there you have it, some general tips everyone can apply to make their lives on social media a little less overwhelming. And remember, have fun and get innovative every once in a while, it should be a creative space after all.

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