5 Tips to Grow Your Audience on TikTok

Posted By on March 17th, 2021 in Social Media Marketing

Growing your audience on any Social Media platform is challenging, and TikTok is no exception! TikTok has been growing really fast, and it has become attractive for so many brands. If you have just created a new TikTok page for your brand and are wondering what you should do to grow your audience, this article is for you.

1. Use other platforms to promote your TikTok page

If your brand has been present on Social Media for a while now, then you probably have a proper following base. The easiest way to get the right audience on your new TikTok page is to promote your TikTok content on the rest of your social media platforms. Make sure to only post a teaser video, not the entire post, so that people are intrigued to follow your TikTok page.

You can promote one video every other week and track the increase in your following on those days to measure the effectiveness of this approach. You can continue to do that for as long as this approach is working for you.


2. Use trendy hashtags and trendy songs

If you are familiar with TikTok, you would know by now that this platform is all about trends. Whether the trend is in the form of hashtags, songs or challenges, you can always become part of it to reach a wider audience. However, make sure you are picking the right trend that is in line with your brands’ values.

3. Be the trend

On TikTok, sometimes you follow the trend, and some other times you are the trend. If you succeed in creating a challenge that your audience would like to take part in, chances are, you might go viral! People on TikTok are moved by catchy music and easy to follow dance moves – consider that, and you might be the next trend.

4. Post frequently

The more videos you post, the more likely your video goes on the “for you” page. On TikTok, posting five times a day is acceptable. Influencers post even more than this. However, as a brand, you can consider posting 2-3 times a day at the beginning of your journey.


5. Keep your videos short

Short and creative – This is what you should consider when creating content for TikTok. Make sure your videos are around 20 seconds. The first 5 seconds should be catchy so that people watch the rest of the video.

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