5 Things to Consider When Creating a Social Media Copy

Posted By on June 11th, 2019 in Social Media Marketing

In a world full of distractions, it is so challenging to capture the attention of your audience, especially when it comes to Social Media. It goes without saying that visuals play a highly significant role in catching the eyes of your audience, however, once they stop, they read what’s written.

From the perspective of a Social Media Marketer, a copy is a great tool that helps in communicating the message and emphasizing the call to action, so how do we ensure our audience will read it?

1. Know your Audience

Have you ever wondered why we change our tone of voice, vocabulary and even our body language when speaking to a child? It’s because this is their way of communication. In fact, children will pay more attention when we do that! Same applies for a copy, the more you speak your audiences’ language the greater the chance they will pay attention to your content.

2. Keep it Simple

Sometimes we tend to complicate things in our road to perfection. Always remember that the main idea behind a copy is to communicate a message and not to impress the reader. In fact, you will impress the reader if you make it simple and to the point. Try to avoid sophisticated vocabulary and uncommon abbreviations.

3. Create an Attractive Beginning

The beginning of your copy is a deal breaker – it will either keep your audience going or push them away. A catchy beginning is the best approach to ensure that your audience will read your copy. An intriguing question is one of the best approaches. Be aware of cliches, they kill your copy!

4. Keep it Short

People are so cautious when it comes to where they spend their energy. A short copy that goes straight to the point has a higher chance of being read by your audience. Start by writing all that you wish to communicate in your copy and then remove what’s not that important.

5. Stay Relevant

Have you ever came across a copy that doesn’t relate to the visual? Yeah, such a loss of value. The copy is the voice of your visual. It gives you another chance to communicate your message to your audience.

Make sure that both go hand in hand so that your audience don’t get confused.

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