5 Common PPC Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Posted By on February 11th, 2021 in Pay Per Click

When running PPC campaigns, success might be a piece of cake for some, while cracking success might still be a challenge for others.

This article looks through common PPC mistakes you might be overlooking with your PPC strategy. While some of these mistakes may be obvious and already identified by your organization, some of these shortcomings will unearth optimization areas that will surprise and intrigue, as we explore new strategies to make campaigns successful. 

The single essential campaign goal

Campaigns appear successful on the surface until you realize you are looking at the wrong metrics and ultimately fishing for the wrong goal. This happens when you aim to achieve multiple campaign goals instead of defining and strategizing for the main campaign goal. A common misconception is that a single digital campaign will achieve all the marketing goals like engagement, shares, awareness and sales within one digital campaign.

It is vital to weigh out the end goal/essential goal and base your campaign strategy on this goal. Discuss and communicate with your team, your single, end goal and devise strategies to accomplish your desired outcome. 


Reconsidering your remarketing campaigns

Remarketing to your existing customers can bring powerful results and achieve that single, end goal. Still, it shouldn’t be taken for granted as the only marketing strategy needed for your brand. There is a limit to the number of times your existing customers will come back to your brand and convert. It is important to reach out to new potential customers. Including awareness and prospecting to new customers as part of your campaign strategy will truly help expand your customer base and your sales.

Targeting new audiences

Using the same target audience and audience strategies for every campaign will eventually show stagnating or diminishing returns for your campaigns. I talk a lot about exploring different audience criteria because every new campaign that comes your way is an opportunity to uncover a hidden strategy that will give results for all future campaigns.

Facebook Business Manager offers a menu card of options to explore and customize your campaign. I particularly enjoy surfing through the “browse” options to discover new criteria which could work for new campaigns. From my experience, I found how to reach middle-income earners through the power of targeting Finance and Economy news followers or using demographic targeting of newlywed couples or new parents, to reach audiences with high spending intent. 

Crash or smooth landing

Landing pages of a campaign are often an afterthought. After strategizing the ad copy, keywords, sitelinks and budget, no one considers the importance of the landing page. I witnessed that, where you send your customers after they click on your ad, can make a significant difference to your campaign results. The apparent route you would use is sending users to the final product page. 

However, why not try directing the users to the product category page instead. Buyers are irrational. While the product in your ad entices them, they might browse through your product category page and discover that they want to buy the one with more features, a different colour or the other variant.

If we think back to our own shopping behaviour, we will find instances where we have travelled through this same customer journey. Getting users to the main product page might trigger them to leave while they feel unsure about the purchase while directing users to the product category page can reduce your ad bounce rate and may guarantee a sale from your user. 

Becoming competitive

It’s a big mistake to not look into what your competitors are doing. Very commonly missed out, going through your competitor’s marketing activities can change your digital strategy. While researching competitors, we might be informed of ad types, ad copy and keywords that we need to utilize to keep up with the competitor. Interestingly, analyzing your competitors will help identify areas of opportunity that they haven’t considered. For example, finding a key keyword that your competitors are not bidding on can help you take advantage and effortlessly win more clicks for all your ads.