5 Apps You Should Be Using For Instagram Stories

Posted By on September 25th, 2018 in Social Media Marketing

Gone are the days when apps like Phonto, Frame Magic were everything for your Instagram. With Insta Stories slaying social media, it’s time to put in as much effort on your story as you did on your posts. With collages, animations, funky fonts and many other exciting effects, there’s plenty of different options to pick from. All you have to do is, get creative!  

To make your life easy, we’ve listed down our top 5 preferred apps that you can use to edit your stories. While there are many out there, these 5 are probably the most popular and user-friendly.  

Are you ready? Let’s go.  

1) InShot:

If you’re looking for that perfect slow-mo or blurry image, this is the app for you. Add cool backgrounds, make photo collages, edit videos and images – there’s so much you can do with InShot!


2) Unfold:

Perfect for Polaroid-inspired collages, this app offers you a host of templates to choose from. Add individual photos and videos or simply mix them up – Unfold allows you to unleash your creativity.

Unfold app

3) Hypetype:

Animated text lovers, this one’s for you! A wide variety of text animations, fonts, styles are available in this app. Make your Insta story come to life by adding animated text with this app.

HypeType app

4) Snow:

If you’re tired of the built-in filters on Instagram, fret not! Snow has some really adorable characters that give you the augmented reality experience and feel. It also allows you to add different emojis and vintage effects to your photos and videos and several other beauty effects for those #Selfie days.

Snow app

5) Canva: 

Create a quick collage with an attractive font only on Canva. Whether you want it to look professional, sophisticated, vibrant, quirky – this app comes with a bunch of templates and styles.

Canva app

These 5 apps allow you to experiment with different fonts, styles and effects and can be used to enhance your Instagram stories. Which is your favorite app? Tell us in the comments below!

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