4 Steps to Build the Perfect Audience for Facebook Ads

Posted By on February 4th, 2021 in Pay Per Click

Facebook and Instagram have been some of the best advertising platforms online. Reaching out to perfectly tailored audiences helps reduce the ad costs and improve the return on investment (ROI). By crafting the perfect audience for your brand, you can lower your Facebook ad costs. The following steps will guide you through your PPC audience strategy.

Create campaign goals

The campaign objective is the goal you want to achieve when people see your ads. If the objective is to drive traffic to the site, the ads will lead users to the site’s landing page. Campaign advertising goals fall into three major categories:

  • Awareness: The goal is to generate interest in the advertised products. This approach is referred to as top of the funnel marketing.
  • Consideration: Moving on from the awareness stage, this objective aims to expose the ads to the users who’d like to know more information. Users can be directed to the website to find detailed information about the advertised product or service.
  • Conversions: Encourage the users from both the awareness and consideration phase to purchase the product or register their interest as a lead.

Draft a native Facebook Ad audience

Draft an ad audience of users who have been made aware of the brand from the above steps. These audiences are considered warm audiences that have a better understanding of your offerings.

In targeting options, finding the right audience can be difficult at times. It’s essential to make sure the right message is delivered to the targeted user to avoid wasting ad spend. There are multiple layers of persona-based and demographic targeting. You can create a custom audience by adding more layers of interests and demographics.



Explore custom audiences

A custom audience is a group of users who have already been exposed to your ads and have interacted with the media content. Custom audiences can be created by using multiple options. You can retarget the users who’ve been to the site previously, users who’ve watched your videos and existing users in the CRM. You can create audiences by utilizing the approach – users who’ve watched more than 90% of the video. With this strategy, you reach out to qualified audiences – not just someone who saw the video.

The next step is to run ads with the specific video until you reach the 1,000 user count. This process can take a few weeks; however, it’s beneficial for the brand in the long run. Once you reach 1,000 people, your audiences will improvise and scale.

Create lookalike audiences

To populate a lookalike audience group on Facebook, the ad account must have a source audience. Using the above scenarios, we can create the lookalike of users who watched our videos. One can layer the targeting with multiple levers like identifying the right interests, demographics and online user characteristics.

The idea is to deliver the ads to highly relevant audiences, similar to our video viewers (1,000 users populated in step 3). The large audience size increases the reach while smaller audiences are more closely related to your source or base audience. LAL audiences always deliver the ad to new users closely related to the existing ones.


What is ad Sequencing?

Another important strategy to take into consideration is Ad Sequencing. It helps you present ads in a sequence and show your message to users in a specific order to tap all stages in the user journey.

Use the first ad to tell the beginning of the story and warm up the audiences. Layer it with subsequent ads to tell your brand story. The ads will expose the audience to your products or services in a defined manner. In the first ad, focus on attracting the right people without asking them to do anything.

The second ad is designed to boost engagement or focus on conversion. Your second ad will be a lead generation ad to capture the contact details targeted towards users who have interacted with your first ad. The third ad is designed to retarget those who interacted with your second ad but haven’t visited your website yet or filled up the lead form.

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