4 Reasons You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

Over thousands of years, marketing has evolved much like our species. We would market through word of mouth, until we started drawing figures on walls, and print evolved on paper up to the radios, TV screens, and, most recently, the internet became a marketer’s favourite medium. In a previous blog post, we discussed why it’s important to invest in digital marketing.

But of course, just as you can’t start writing a blog post before thinking about it, you can’t invest in digital marketing without a strategy. The problem is, so many of us aren’t doing it. Even individual business owners who run their businesses online – through social media or personal blogs – don’t have a clear digital marketing strategy.

We like to go with the flow; we like to live with bendable plans, which, when applied to a business, can be catastrophic. So, why is it crucial to have a digital marketing strategy, and why are the world’s largest brands investing in professionals for the best digital marketing strategies?

1. Makes your business stand out

Of course, if there was one clear-cut strategy to get the highest ROI, no business would fail, and everyone would know about every brand. Yet, this isn’t the case, so strategies can be unique and different, though there are basics that most digital marketers follow.

Now, by having a marketing strategy on platforms such as social media, you can make your brand more personal for your audience. Through a strategy, you can post infographics, static images, and videos on a regular basis without boring your audience – and with a clear focus on keeping your page both interactive and different.

In this way, your brand stands out from other brands, and you’re more likely to keep your followers – and potential customers – engaged and entertained.

2. Gives you direction

Much like writing, having a structure helps. This goes with most of life’s pursuits: when you want to develop a routine it always helps to write it down. Writing down your goals (for you and your business) gives the direction you and your team need to keep moving forward. By knowing what to expect in 3 months, you can be more effective and clear-headed in your marketing approach.

3. Keeps your team in a loop

Though having a digital marketing strategy isn’t like CC-ing your boss in an email, it does keep everyone in a team connected.

By knowing when you can expect certain results or tasks, you can better plan your days and so can your colleagues. A digital marketing strategy does the same for a business on the large scale as well as in day-to-day activities.

By having a strategy, you can better dedicate your days and weeks to reaching your goals and understanding your customers.

4. Easy to track your results

Digital marketing strategies are easy to track. You can tell the success of your business by whether you meet the goals of a certain campaign, through SEO (search engine optimization), paid advertisement or social media.

Unlike offline marketing, digital marketing is a lot easier to track because clicks, shares, likes, and consumer habits can be tracked. Through a digital marketing strategy, you can see what your consumers like and don’t like. Accordingly, you can cater your products to meet the demands of your customers, and this directly affects sales!


A digital marketing strategy helps all consumers, businesses, as well as marketers. So, will you run your business with the wind or follow an effective strategy to better engage with your consumers? The choice is up to you!

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