3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing

Back in the day, people used to market products and services by word of mouth. Ever since the printing revolution, paper-media became people’s main source of information, which we see until today with newspapers, books, and magazines stacking shelves and libraries. Television and radio dominated the sphere hundreds of years later, and now, the internet dominates all.

People now seek the internet as their source of entertainment more than any other medium. We even watch TV on the internet and Netflix! Radio is dying, as CDs and AUX cords fill our void while driving. Therefore, old methods of marketing – whether it be through press, radio or billboards, are becoming less and less attractive to consumers.

The easiest way to reach an audience is directly through a business’s website, a social media page, or through paid online media.

So, is this statement true? And are traditional marketing methods truly becoming out-of-style? Find out how investing in digital marketing can benefit your brand below;

  1. You Connect with Your Audience

    Through the means of social media, you can reply to your customers without a barrier. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms act as a medium between you and potential customers. This helps all businesses, no matter the size, become more connected to their consumers – understanding their needs, complaints, and seeing what ‘excites’ them most (through likes, shares, and viral posts).

    Through social media posts, consumers will learn more about your business and what it has to offer. This creates awareness, which is crucial to any business, and one of the first steps to building brand loyalty amongst customers!

  2. Your Results Are Measurable

    Digital marketing allows you to see how your consumers react to your products and services with statistics and numbers. By measuring traffic through your ads and to your website, you can track where and what attracts consumers to visit your website. Consumers can be diverted to your business website or profile through social media, paid media and SEO.

    Each of these marketing departments follow different methods to ‘convince’ your audience to buy your product. But worry not, this isn’t manipulation! These are just different digital marketing efforts to ensure that there is enough awareness on your product and that it is meeting consumer demand.

  3. Specific Targeting

    Traditional marketing methods cannot ‘choose’ who to market to. Surely, advertising at a concert varies from advertising on the radio – one is more selective of their audience than the other. However, by investing in digital marketing, a business can very specifically ‘target’ their audience.

    Digital marketers can choose to market to an audience based on certain criteria, such as location, age, and interests. Therefore, with digital marketing, businesses can reach the right audience, without having to spend thousands on national campaigns that are too general – and may not reach the target audience.

Why Investing in Digital Marketing Matters?

A successful digital marketing campaign can make or break a business. Without investing in digital marketing, businesses may become obsolete. This is clear in today’s world; with newspaper sales decreasing, major newspaper outlets have sought to post their news articles on the internet – and find most of their engaging traffic online.

Keeping in mind that most teenagers and millennials have access to phones (and they carry the sales of future markets), if a business wants to go global, raise awareness and grow, while investing in digital marketing is a priority.

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