Don’t Miss Out On These 3 PPC Tips

Posted By on October 4th, 2018 in Pay Per Click

Of course, running PPC campaigns can take your business from the average no-name to a massive business. However, this only works with great PPC campaigns, which do not squeeze your budget down the drain.

In order to avoid common PPC mistakes, here’s what you need to keep in mind. Let’s get it to it, shall we?

1. Combine PPC with SEO

Most users don’t go past the first page when searching on Google or Bing. So, when your brand is the first search result through PPC, and on organic search, your business will appear as an industry leader. More people will notice your brand and an immediate invisible trust can be formed since your business appears more than once in the search. This way, you’ll be reaching two types of consumers. Some consumers don’t trust paid media, so they never click on ads, and prefer organic results. Other consumers prefer paid media, as they appear more vividly. This way, you’ll be tailoring your searches to a larger audience, ultimately driving more traffic to your website.

2. Site Links and Ad Extensions: Use them to Your Benefit

You can hack your way to grabbing a user’s attention by using site links. Include more than one call to action in your ad copy to attract more users. It is also a good strategy to test different click-rates. By adding more call-to-actions, you will be better able to entice your users to click, to quench their curiosity about what your business offers. Additionally, these ad extensions take up more space, giving more attention to your ad over other ads and even organic search results.

3. Increase Your Budget Spend

Most businesses are for-profit, so when ‘spending more’ becomes an option, many shy away from the concept. Many businesses want to reach large audiences and opt for traditional marketing to do so. However, traditional marketing is usually not countable, can be too general or too specific, and may not reach the right audience. This is where digital marketing comes in; yet, many are still hesitant about investing. PPC is one of the more costly approaches to digital marketing.

So, when you decide to invest in a PPC agency, how much should you really spend? We advise to increase the spends after testing a campaign, and after optimizing it enough to reach the ultimate formula; lower CPC and higher conversion rates.

When this goal is reached, you can massively increase your ROI, just by increasing your PPC budget – with very slight changes to the overall strategy. This is why many companies opt for PPC because, with the right strategy, the ROI is insurmountable.

All in all, when you are considering PPC for your business, think long-term. After achieving the right formula, your revenue and ROI will massively increase.

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