3 PPC Strategies for Retail Paid Search Campaigns

Posted By on January 21st, 2021 in Pay Per Click

Managing pay per click campaigns usually becomes a series of habitual tasks. Using one of these innovative retail PPC strategies can help you improve ROI and drive a better shopping experience. If you’re a retail advertiser and have not tried any new strategies or techniques lately, it’s time to try something new. So lets, try these PPC strategies for retail and see the impact they can have on your campaign!


Google Smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart shopping campaigns combine standard shopping and display using automated bidding and ad placement to promote your products and business across networks. If you are not already using smart shopping campaigns as a retailer, you need to test them out.


Why use smart shopping?

  • Google prioritize smart shopping campaigns over standard shopping campaigns.
  • If you are running a smart shopping campaign and your competitor is running a standard shopping campaign, your campaign gets priority.
  • It can simplify your campaign management, expansive reach and hands-off conversion rate optimization. 
  • Smart shopping ad allows you to show the most relevant ad across Google search networks; on YouTube, Gmail and Google display networks.
  • Ads are quick and easy to create 

What can be the drawbacks of using smart shopping campaigns?

One of the most damaging drawbacks of using smart shopping campaign ads is you must let go of control. An advertiser cannot:

  • Adjust bids by device.
  • Add negative keywords.
  • Perform ad scheduling.
  • Adjust anything related to audience settings.

Regardless of how you feel about smart shopping campaigns, don’t just be reluctant to give it a chance. Give it a try! If it is not working for you, you can always go back to standard shopping campaigns.

Google Discovery Campaigns

Discovery ads are native ads that appear in Google feeds such as YouTube Home, Watch Next feeds, Google Search app, and Gmail promotions.

Advertisers who use discovery ads will have the ability to showcase a single image of their product or service or multiple images in a swipeable carousel format.

What are the benefits of using Discovery campaigns? 

  • Ability to reach 3 billion people monthly and you would be able to serve your ad on YouTube home, watch next feeds, Gmail promotions and social tabs.
  • It’s all about attracting attention when people are doing other things online; hence, emphasizing large, visually rich ads is a great strategy.
  • Drive engagement with richer and relevant ads.
  • Automated bidding- You can maximize conversion or target CPA to optimize the campaign bid to achieve your marketing goals.


Again, you must give up the control over bidding, ad scheduling, device targeting and other settings.

Still, you can try discovery campaign to drive conversion if you want to reconnect with the most valuable customer who is most likely to engage again whether they’ve previously visited your website or made a purchase. It can also be of great benefit if you want to reach new customers.

Microsoft Advertising Network

If you are only using Google and other social channels to advertise your product and service and It’s been a while you have not advertised on Microsoft advertising, then now is the time.

Microsoft advertising network ads are effective, scalable, and are rapidly growing as an advertisement solution. You might not get the same revenue or sales, but the ROI is better compared to Google for sure. Most advertisers don’t bother to advertise with Microsoft, which gives more opportunities for those who do.

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